Volume 1-2 | September 26, 2017
It's time to count approved applications!
Every year on October 1st, CEs that must conduct verification count the number of approved applications to determine the verification pool sample size. Since October 1 is a Sunday, you can count the applications as of Friday (September 29) or Monday (October 2).

Write down the number of approved applications and keep that number to use on the Verification Report. We found last year that the POS systems would update a student's eligibility status if they became directly certified during October. Then when the POS application numbers at the end of October didn't match the number from the beginning of the month. That caused problems with the sample size calculation. The number of approved applications from October 1st must be reported on the Verification Report -- not the number from the end of the month.
TDA has developed a Sample Size Calculator to help you determine the verification pool size and the interval number for selection. You can find the calculator on TX-UNPS in Download Forms under the applications menu for SNP (SNP-123). Your regional ESC has it and it will be posted on Square Meals on the updated DCDV pages.

Just FYI -- no one who used the Alternate 2 method of verification last year calculated the sample size correctly! Everyone verified too many applications. Use the calculator and make sure you have it correct!
Verification Method
Don't know which verification method to use? It is based on the non-response rate for verification last year. You can find the information to determine which method to use in the ARM Section 6. Your regional ESC also has the information.

New DCDV System
The new DCDV system will be up and running by October 15th. There are training sessions at the regional ESCs and there will be guides on the updated DCDV web pages.

Data from the "old" system cannot be transferred to the new system. This is not an issue for Direct Certification, but will be for Direct Verification. If you directly verify anyone in the old system, please save the file and print out the information.
Batch Upload Available in DV
The Direct Verification module (old system) will open October 1st. You can easily do a batch upload -- the EDG number is not required for the upload.

Do NOT use the Direct Verification module to search for students to determine eligibility. The new DCDV system will provide all the bells and whistles for searching the global database.

Instructions to do the batch upload are available on Square Meals and from the regional ESC.