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The  Occupational Health & Safety Act  (OHSA) contains regulations that must be met by all workplaces in Ontario. It includes workers' rights and duties; procedures for dealing with hazards in the workplace; and provides enforcement of the law where compliance has not been met by workplace parties.

Each year, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) conducts  inspection blitzes  in specific sectors across the province of Ontario. Occupational health and safety inspectors carry out these initiatives in order to raise awareness of workplace hazards and to increase workplace compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

For more information on workplace inspection blitzes and initiatives, including a  schedule of upcoming blitzes  in your area or sector,  click here .
Silecio Inc. Occupational Health & Safety Training

With spring upon us, make sure that your workplace is fully prepared and compliant with the OHSA and regulations. Ensure that all workers are trained and that all health and safety records are up to date.

Silecio offers all types of in-house and online training courses. These are the types of training courses that you or your staff may require:

Anchor Systems
Propane - Heaters & Roofing
Guardrails Rigging Safety
Carbon Monoxide
Roofing Safety
Ladders - Inspection
Scaffolds - Access & Egress
Confined Spaces
Ladders - Set Up Scaffolds - Erection
Demolition & Damaged Structures
Ladders - Types Scaffolds - Inspection
Electrical Hazards - Flash Hazards
Ladders & Other Equipment
Scaffolds - Safeguards
Electrical Hazards - Lockout & Tagging
Manual Materials Handling, MSD's & Back Care
Scaffolds - Supported
Electrical Hazards - Operating Equipment Near Energized Powerlines
Mounting & Dismounting From Vehicles Scaffolds - Suspended
Electrical Hazards - Working On Energized Systems
Supervisor Duties
Elevated Work Platforms
Suspended Work Platforms Systems & Boatswain's Chair - Responsibilities
Emergency Procedures & Rescue of Workers Personal Fall Protection Systems Traffic Control - Backing Up
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Eye Protection
Traffic Control - Protection Plan
Fall Arrest Planning PPE - Foot Protection Traffic Control - Safety
Fall Protection Equipment PPE - Head Protection Traffic Control - Set Up And Take Down
First Aid - Emergency PPE - Hearing Protection WHMIS
First Aid - Health Care Professionals PPE - Skin & Hand Protection Working At Heights
First Aid - Refresher Portable Tools & Extension Cords
First Aid - Standard Power Tools - Explosive Actuated Fastening Tools

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MOL Court Bulletins
Failure to comply with health and safety regulations could be costly...or fatal. 


"Worker Pulled Into Traffic And Injured, Employer Fined $50,000" (February 27, 2018)


"First Nickel Inc.Fined 1.3 Million After Two Workers Killed At Mine" (February 22, 2018)


"Two Companies Fined a Total of $285,000 After Worker Fatally Electrocuted by Overhead Lines" (February 16, 2018)

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