Junior Achievement 
of Tampa Bay, Inc.
June, 2017

David Morales
Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School
Junior Achievement presented me an opportunity that many will not enjoy!  Never as a shy and reserved 10 year old had I thought I would enjoy the concept of math applied to a real world scenario especially in finance.  It was not until our school went to JA BizTown that I saw how what I learned in school
really would apply to the real world one day. 
Fast forward seven years and the familiar name "Junior Achievement" was heard over the morning announcements.  The Junior Achievement Entrepreneurial Academy Sharks Club starting at our school would provide students an opportunity to get more insight into running a business and the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Of course I could have Googled it or watched a YouTube video about how to run a business, but being in the action myself really opened my eyes to the entrepreneurial spirit.  Before this club, I did not ever think of doing anything with business. Now after seeing how a business is run and the financial components that go into an organization to run a company, I have fallen in love with finance, accounting and business.   Junior Achievement has benefited me greatly in choosing a career path.  As I move from high school to college  I plan to pursue a career in Personal Financial Advising so that I can help others achieve their life dreams.

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We have a few companies will finish out the season by bowling in June.  
Did your company bowl this year? 
 If not, JA Bowl-a-thon is a great way to join others in making a difference in the lives of the  students who live in your own community.

Call Jon Epps TODAY and plan for the 2017-2018 school year at 
(813) 382-6487or email jon.epps@ja.org

Wells Fargo bowls for JA!

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$4.6 Million and Counting

As a result of our many generous donors, we have met our Phase I goal, for the Building Our Future campaign and construction has begun! Phase II of our campaign is under way, which  will raise operational funds to impact over 150,000 JA students over the next 10 years. 

JA Finance Park is a unique branding and marketing opportunity which will impact every Hillsborough County family with an end result of financially literate future consumers, workers and citizens of Florida.  

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JA BizTown Welcomes New
Storefront Sponsors

As students enter Muma JA BizTown in the 2017-2018 school year, they will experience simulations in two new storefronts. ReliaQuest and Fidelity Investments recently secured a partnership with Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay to become part of this unique, educational simulation in which more than 18,000 students experience each year. "We look forward to new opportunities that partnering with ReliaQuest and Fidelity Investments will offer us," shares Richard George, President of Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay. 

Volunteer Appreciation

 A volunteer once shared, "The difference I feel I am making through Junior Achievement is giving students some hope, inspiration, a listening ear and a caring adult they can talk with and share their thoughts."

GTE volunteers spent a day at the Patricia J Sullivan Partnership School.

On May 19th volunteers from
 T. Rowe Price volunteered at JA BizTown

Raymond James volunteers spent a day at Safety Harbor Elementary

Fidelity Investments volunteered at JA BizTown on May 22nd

GE Aviation volunteered at High Point Elementary

Volunteers from Coca Cola spent a day at JA BizTown on May 16th

Volunteers from Tech Date volunteered at Safety Harbor Elementary

 from Esurance taught JA Our City to 3rd grade students at Kingswood Elementary

HSBC volunteers taught 4th and 5th grade students at Palm River Elementary the JA More than Money program