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Booth #5314

Anaheim, CA
January 24-27

Happy New Year!
"January 1st is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." Brad Paisley

We have a really "good one" planned for 2013. For starters we're giving away TWENTY U-Basses this month! Later in the month we will be announcing some exciting new models at the Winter NAMM show. Here is a sneak peek.....
The Great U-Bass Giveaway!

We have decided to kick off the new year with a giant giveaway. 


During the month of January we will be giving away TWENTY U-Basses to fans of our Kala U-Bass Facebook page.  

new for 2013 Banjo Ukes from Kala Brand Music Co.




Kala Brand Music™ Co.'s new Banjo Ukuleles will make their first appearance at NAMM in January, at booth number 5314. Kala's banjo ukes will be available in soprano and concert sizes and are distinctively appointed with a luxuriant black satin finish, Remo Weatherking Banjo Head, deluxe geared tuners with black buttons, rosewood fingerboard, maple bridge with ebony cap, and a closed back design. The concert's hoop diameter measures 8 inches and features antique brass hardware with a closed back design. The soprano's hoop measures 6 inches and comes dressed in chrome with an open back design. The part numbers are KA-BNJ-BK-C (concert) and KA-BNJ-BK-S (soprano).

The banjo ukulele is recognized for its distinctive tone and ability to project sound in solo and ensemble settings. The banjo ukulele was originally designed by Alvin Keech in 1917 and was popularized by musicians such as George Formby and Roy Smeck. George Harrison favored the instrument in later years and recorded his song "Any Road" on banjo uke.


Other new models include: 

Many of these models have already
shipped to your local Kala Dealer!

We love what we do and the people we serve. We take great pride in being a music company where:  

  • Innovation meets tradition
  • Passion meets playability
  • Quality meets value 
Thanks for being on the journey with us,

Mike Upton 
Kala Brand Music Co.