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The Soul Speaks in Images
January, 2018 

DreamWork Wellness LLC
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Marty Gegner
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As a healing technique, Reiki uses energy to enhance the life
force present in everyone.  This Universal energy boosts the body's natural ability to heal itself.   Reiki is effective and easy to learn.  

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Why Reflexology?  Because...
It Relaxes the Entire Body 
Relieves Stress & Pain 
Renews Mind, Body & Spirit, and....
 Because it Feels WONDERFUL!

Food for Thought
"Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters.  
Awful comes from the same root word as awesome as do terrify and terrific.  
Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation"  
Alan Cohen
"And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were" - Rainer Maria Rilke
With Marty Gegner, Dreamwork Wellness LLC

There are few things more magical than the bond of sisterhood.   Soul Talk is a gathering of soul sisters ... wise women caring, sharing their stories, supporting, and connecting with each other.
It is a haven where you can say what is in your heart; Where you can share insights and explore the incredible journey of 'you.' Come and just 'be.'     

It is illuminating, profound, and ... it is always FUN!

The 2nd Monday of every month   
Our Next Gathering is
Monday, January 8 ~ 6:30 - 8 pm

"It's 2018 ... Now What?"
"Regardless of what happened yesterday, today or even last year, tomorrow is a clean slate" 
Franklin Art Center  
Room 124 aka "The Gathering Place" 
1001 Kingwood St, Brainerd
$10 Offering per gathering

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We all experience t he gamut from wild and crazy dreams to those that seem just 'ho-hum.'    
Dreams may amaze, amuse, frighten or inspire us but they will never lie.  The incredible truth is that even those mundane dreams contain valuable insights; messages from within...and above.   
When we learn to decode our own personal dream 'language' our  dreams begin to help us clarify what we don't often see or recognize in our busy waking lives. 

For more information go to www.dreamworkwellness.com
or send an email to: marty@dreamworkwellness.com.
Meetings are the third Thursday of each month at the Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd.  You will find us in room 124 aka, "The Gathering Place."  $10 per session.   
Our next Dream Group Meeting is
January 18,  6:30 - 8 pm  
[moh-tuh-vey-shuh n]
We make goals... then we procrastinate.
We write a to-do list... then don't follow through.
This seems to happen over and over again and again and again - Seriously, what's the problem?  Why are we so good at thinking of what to do but so terrible at actually doing them?  
Are we thinking too hard?   Sometimes we forget to take our feelings, our emotions, into account.  
Research shows feelings are a fundamental and unavoidable part of why we humans do what we do.  

It is impossible to ignore our emotions. Because of the way our brains are structured, when thought and feelings compete, feelings almost always win.  We can't fight our feelings. Research also shows fighting them just makes them stronger.  We need a plan.  It's true, we definitely need to think to plan, but ...   
we need to feel to act.
So once we have the thinking part out of the way - how do we rile up those emotions and get things done?  
First ... we need to get positive - in other words, we need to stop procrastinating.  When do we procrastinate the most? When we're down or in a bad mood.   The answer is... get optimistic!  So how do we get optimistic if we're not feeling it?  Well, we monitor the progress we're making and then celebrate it!  But first we have to get started. 
It sounds so simple -  and simple it is!  It is just not easy. We do have to choose what we want and imagine how it feels in order to make it happen. 
So I am challenging myself, and you if you are game, to choose just ONE thing, it doesn't even have to be a big thing.  Choose just one thing to get the energy ball rolling.  Then yes, we must get off our behinds and DO IT! 
Ready?  Set...  GO! 



The most helpful Tarot card readings are those that offer alternate ways of seeing one's life situations and uncovering new and unique perspectives.
Do the cards "Predict the future?"
of course not.  What they can do is help you see the possibilities fore the future as they reflect your current state of mind.  This provides the opportunity to change your thinking, change your actions, and therefore change your life.  It's all about choice.
Tarot is far more effective when used for introspection, personal, and spiritual growth, and self empowerment.  Why don't you give it a try? 

"The cards give you images and symbols to focus your vague intentions and transform them into action.  
Your will is the magic. In other words, you are the magic. If you can create something in your heart and then act on it to make it happen, that is magic. Very simple, very straightforward - no witches, no spells, no broomsticks."
Call Marty to schedule an appointment  at 703-608-1030