Featured Piece: Vision Of The Po-Mod Feminist Ego by David Wetzl

Dating back to the late ninety's David Wetzl's work has been influenced aesthetically, metaphorically, and symbolically by Ken Wilbur and the eight levels of consciousness. Each level is assigned a color. This theory has been explored and expanded by psychologists dating back to the early 1900's. Beige is the most primal, and turquoise is the most elevated.

In many of Wetzl's paintings and drawings he utilizes the full spectrum of colors from the eight levels. Vision Of The Po-Mod Feminist Ego is an anomaly in that the only color used is beige. In the center of the piece there is a figure whose body influences the shape of the expanse to which they occupy. This is also a defining characteristic of beige and the consciousness level that it belongs to. The being at this level experiences a world that is limited to the area that they are in. They have no spacial concept beyond that familiar space. To the right and left of the central figure we see different worlds contained inside lines that express a screen like quality. The worlds depicted are foreign to the territory that we as humans occupy.  They appear to be constructed dream worlds. To that extent they could be very real extraterrestrial worlds that we have yet to experience.

It's hard not to question your own level of consciousness while viewing Wetzl's work. He exposes us to a universe far beyond our own realities that could only exist in distance galaxies, while still offering us the familiarity of a lamppost or the stability and security of the square inside of a square.  Ultimately this work urges us to become more comfortable with things that are nameless; the stepping stone to entering the next level.

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