Pronounced cha-da-shoat: Means "news" in Hebrew
Week #1
June 28, 2013
Tammuz 20 5773
כ׳ בְּתָּמוּז תשע״ג
aaron & deena FROM THE DIRECTORS
Shavuah Tov
Welcome to our Kehillah!

Shavuah Tov is Hebrew for "good week," and what a great first week it has been!  From the moment our campers came off the bus on Monday, we saw smiles and happiness everywhere. 

Our theme this summer is Kehillah, which means "community."  We are striving to build a warm and welcoming camp community where all are included and accepted.  Our campers, families, staff and alumni are all a part of our extended camp family that has been a part of the South Jersey community since 1942.  
We strive to be the best camp in the world and welcome your feedback throughout the summer-- please feel free to reach out to us at any time.  You are also welcome to contact our Leadership Staff listed below with any questions.
Please click here to follow our Facebook page for frequent info updates, photos and more - that's our quickest way to let you know what's going on!

We are looking forward to many more exciting weeks!
Shabbat Shalom and have a great weekend!

aaron deena

Aaron Greenberg                            Deena Sherman

Camp Director                                 Associate Camp Director

agreenberg@jfedsnj.org                dsherman@jfedsnj.org 

(609) 654-5192 x100                         (609) 654-5192 x101 

In This Issue

July 4th
Member Appreciation Pool Party
at Medford Swim Club
Thursday, July 4th
1-3 pm
DJ * Food * Fun

Summer Swim Club

open 12-6 pm
Building a Better World One Camper at a Time


At camp, we often promote the concept of Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World.  To coincide with our 2013 camp theme of Kehillah  ("community"), we are implementing a weekly tzedakah (righteousness/charity) program to support various charitable community organizations. 


We begin this next Friday, July 5 as we welcome Shabbat (Sabbath) to Camp.  We will be collecting items for Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford, which takes care of injured and abandoned animals in the area.  We invite your camper to bring in items of your choosing from the list below.  

The list includes: kid-size rakes, butterfly nets, O-Cedar Big Easy mop refills, baby bottle brushes, scrub brushes, tissues, paper towels, ziploc bags (sandwich and gallons sizes), Pedia-lite, disposable latex gloves, antibacterial hand wipes, clear plastic shoe boxes, trash bags (33 and 39 gallon sizes), flash drives (8gb), craft supplies (glue, glue sticks, scissors, colored paper), watering cans, dog biscuits, dog treats.

Each week this summer we will support a different worthy organization in our area,  including BookMates, The Pajama Program and Chai Lifeline.   We invite your child to join us each week by bringing requested items to Camp.  

Together we can make a difference in our community.  As our camp shirts say, we are building a better world, one camper at a time! 

Click here to view week 1 photos

While old friendships were rekindled, new ones are beginning; Camp Hilltop is on its way to another fantastic summer.  There are lots of smiling faces and energetic campers.
This week included:

*    At Teva (nature) we met the new animals and learned about reptiles, insects, birds, fish and amphibians and how they live and work as a community.  The campers welcomed our newest additions: Tinkerbell the donkey, Princess and Sparkles the goats, Oreo and Jessica the rabbits and a gecko named Sherbet.

*    At Little Scientists we learned "what is a color?"  Just like there are many different people in our camp community there are many different colors.  Campers did a fun color experiment, which showed how you can have many different colors mixed together to create one.  This showed how many people are different, but yet we are all part of the same community.

*    In Kosher Cooking, nothing says welcome like the aroma of cinnamon streusel cake made with love by our Hilltop campers.  As they mixed, measured and baked, they discussed the importance of welcoming new friendships while everyone worked together to make a delicious treat.

*    Arts & Crafts was busy creatively painting and decorating door signs with their names.  Community starts with self, what better way to create community by learning each other's names and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

*    The Hilltop sports fields were in full swing with lots of participating campers learning new skills and drills.

*    At Gan Yeladim, campers created trees consisting of their family and pets and discussed how everyone's family is unique in its own way.  When these trees are put together they form a forest--  our community.

We look forward to making your Hilltop campers experience a wonderful one!  Shabbat Shalom!

Hope Segal
Camp Hilltop Director
609-654-5192 x 110

PJ Library


The folks from PJ Library joined us for Shabbat today and read from their collection of books.  PJ Library provides free Jewish books to children ages 6 months - 6 years in our community, which are mailed monthly to your home.  Click here to get involved! 

Click here to view Week 1 Photos


Smiles, friendship, and fun are what Camp Shalom is all about!  Our campers have made new friends and welcoming back old friends.   


We have already put our theme of community into action and are getting to know each other. 


*In arts and crafts, the campers made "new friend" puppets using many different textiles and materials.


*Digital photography has been taking pictures around camp and making bunk board games.


*Our campers welcomed  Reut, our shlicha (emissary) from Israel, to our camp community.  Reut is is our games specialist in Camp Shalom, and we are so happy to have her teaching us  backyard games that children play in Israel.  


*At the lake we are enjoying our beautiful paddle boats, kayaks and our fabulous lake inflatables.  


*At our sports field, our sports staff have been teaching us skills and drills and putting those skills to use during games. 


It is such a joy to watch the children's faces as they accomplish something new!   We can't wait for week 2!


Shabbat Shalom-have a great weekend!



Elyse Neumann

Camp Shalom Director


(609) 654-5192 x 111



Camp Aaron started off the 2013 camp season with a bang!
*We began the summer with staff introductions and welcomes in our beautiful amphitheater.  The energy was electric as campers cheered for the counselors and their favorite activities. 
*Our Leadership Staff gave tours all week to new Aaron campers as everyone excitedly headed out to their chosen activities.  Quickly, the Camp Aaron arts pavilion and sports fields were in full swing. 
*Lunch is always an exciting time as campers get to know their bunkmates and settle into another JCC Camps summer of fun. 
We are looking forward to the new experiences and surprises that await Camp Aaron in the upcoming weeks.  It's going to be a great Camp Aaron summer!

Shabbat Shalom - have a great weekend!

Dina Greenblatt
Camp Aaron Director
609 654-5192 x112
Click here to view this week's photos

Chaverim travel camp got into gear quickly with trips to Roller Skating, Atsion Lake, Funplex, Clementon Park, and Pinsetters Bowling. 
We are making new friends and having lots of fun!  We're kicking it up a notch next week with trips to Hurricane Harbor Water Park, Hershey Park, and Sahara Sam's, and are super excited to see GREASE at the Walnut Street Theater! 

Click here to view Week 1 Photos

The Gesher CITs had a great first week of Camp! Each week our CITs will focus on a new skill, and this week we focused on the importance of making a great first impression and getting to know our campers. 
Most of our CITs will have two assignments this summer and they are getting off to a great start with the campers and staff at their first placement.
*We had an awesome trip to the Funplex on Wednesday, where the CITs enjoyed playing mini-golf, riding the go-carts and going on the water rides.
*On Thursday, the CITs attended an interactive workshop on child development and bullying awareness led by Jewish Family and Children's Service.  The information shared will guide our CITs throughout the summer. 
*We finished out the week with a Shabbat program where some of our CITs read books from the PJ Library to the Camp Hilltop campers. 
New week we will travel to Great Adventure and the CITs will begin leading our camp-wide summer tzedakah projects.  We can't wait!

Shabbat Shalom - have a great weekend!

Melissa Leibowitz
Gesher CIT Director
609-654-5192 X109 

Did you or any of your friends and family ever attend or work at the JCC Camps at Medford?  Please click HERE to visit the alumni page of our website and complete our contact form. 


Annual events will be planned and we look forward to reconnecting with our extended camp family.  In April, we held our first ever alumni reunion event with almost 100 attendees.    
Please contact Associate Director Deena Sherman to stay connected, dsherman@jfedsnj.org.
Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy at the JCC Camps at Medford

Instructional swim has begun!  For the next 7 weeks, you will receive a "swim messenger".  This will outline skills taught and progress of your camper. 
We teach the "Swim Right" method created by 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist Lenny Krayzelburg, and since we began 2 summers ago, we have seen a vast improvement of the campers swim skills. 
The method, which progresses through seven levels, teaches water safety first and then proper technique, with an initial emphasis on swimmers being water safe. The key is learning to back float for an infinite amount of time. 
We are super excited to have your camper at the JCC Camps at Medford, and even more excited that we have the opportunity to provide them with the lifelong skill of being safe in and around the water.  

As Dory in Finding Nemo always says - "JUST KEEP SWIMMING, JUST KEEP SWIMMING..."

Amanda Halliwell Aquatics Director
As part of our theme of Kehillah, Camp will be welcoming an 8 year old boy from China to attend our Camp for two weeks in July.  We are looking for 1-2 host families to provide some American home hospitality in the evening.
You will have the option to host this camper Monday - Friday, or for an entire week.

Please email Aaron Greenberg at agreenberg@jfedsnj.org if you are interested.

The following items will assist us in continuing to provide SAFE, reliable transportation for our campers throughout the summer:   

*Please make sure to send in a note or call us by 2:00 pm for transportation changes. Please don't assume there is always room on a bus-please email or call first!

* If you plan to pick up your child from camp, please plan to pickup between 2:50 pm and 3:15 pm.  You can pick up as late as 3:40pm but please be prepared for the congestion  that happens as dismissal occurs.
*If you would like your camper(s) to take the Margate Bus, you must submit a form by the Wednesday of that week -no phone reservations.  The Margate bus drops off and picks up at the Margate JCC.

Shira Sklar
Transportation Coordinator  
609 654-5192 x106

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