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October 2016

Now that the weather is finally getting a little cooler and the leaves are starting to change, I guess we can start thinking about the holidays. Geez! Where does the time seem to go? I hope everyone is enjoying this highly motivational political season and that we're all learning some really important things from our presidential candidates. I don't know about you, but watching the debates sure has made me feel really confident about America's future (tongue in cheek, of course)!

Here's one thing though that needs to be pointed out, because we've been hearing a lot of people ask about it lately. Presidential elections typically have no long term effect on financial planning strategies. There may be some short term volatility surrounding an election, but it's been proven that there is no real long term effect. Simply put, a lot of the folks that are waiting until after the election to make financial decisions are misinformed or just looking for an excuse to procrastinate. I believe this was pointed out with graphs & information in last month's newsletter in the "Thought for the Week" from Global Financial's Mike Sorrentino. So, please don't fall into that trap, get the facts.

Other than that, we've kept busy keeping up with all the changes that seem to happen on almost a daily basis in the financial services industry. I'll be writing more about this next month and updating you on the new DOL Fiduciary Law ruling that's scheduled to go into effect April 2017.

Enjoy this month's articles, and we'll be back at you next month.

And, as always, remember - The purpose of the money dictates where you put it. 

Until Next Month,

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What is a Legal Reserve Insurance Company?
Lake Norman Magazine, October 2016
I hope everyone had a great summer, got to spend some time on the lake, and had a party or two with family and friends. Last month we reached out to the younger crowd to discuss how they could create a "Tax Free Retirement" by using investment grade life insurance. Roth IRA planning is really the only other option that's available for tax free income.Our discussions on life insurance benefits led us to a conversation about life insurance companies that offer these policies and how secure these companies are. People often ask how insurance companies can afford to provide the benefits that they do and how they can do it safely, so this month's article is about legal reserve insurance companies.

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I Wager That Pascal Would Agree
GFPC Thought for the Week (402)

*Blaise Pascal was a brilliant mathematician and philosopher, and his "wager" can be used as a proxy for gauging investment risk against expected return. 

*Long-term government bonds have been on a tear, but the lessons from Pascal tell us to proceed with caution. 

*Speculators should focus more on the risks associated with owning this asset class than any future reward.
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The Fed Crossed The Line
GFPC Thought for the Week (405)

*The Fed's decision to drastically cut interest rates prevented the financial crisis from deepening, but it has remained in place for far too long. 

*Low interest rates do encourage consumers to spend more money, but there is a point where the drawbacks outweigh the benefits to the economy. 

*The absolute best outcome for our economy is a return to a more normal interest rate environment, and the Fed is only holding us back by keeping rates at current levels.

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What is a Legal Reserve Insurance Company?
I Wager That Pascal Would Agree
The Fed Crossed The Line

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