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Tonight, in every Jewish home the scene will be similar. The Seder table is set with wine, matzah and all the special items on the Seder plate and everyone is following along in the Haggadah. But while all of us will be doing the exact same 15 step of the Seder, what each of us will take away from the Seder will be very personal. 

The Rabbi of Chernobyle had a special custom at his Pesach seder. During the year he would record in a notebook personal miracles, as they happened to him. Then, on the Seder night, after reading the Haggadah, he would read from this notebook and share these miracles with his family and guests. He showed them that the seder night is a time to express gratitude to G-d for all His kindnesses to the Jewish nation - but not just long ago in Egypt...but to each of us personally right up to this very day.
(from Reachings By Rabbi Yaacov Haber)

As you prepare for your seder, think about how you can personalize the experience. Seize the opportunity to connect more deeply and spiritually with your family and friends at your Seder table, with the Jewish People, and, most significantly, with G-d. 

With best wishes for a Chag Kasher V'Sameach,
Naomi Greenwald
The Holiday and Shabbat Blessings

1) Baruch Atah Ado-noi Elo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam Asher Ki-de-shana Be-mitz-vo-sav Ve-tzi-vanu Le-had-lik Ner Shel Yom Tov.

2) Baruch Atah Ado-noi Elo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam Asher Ki-de-shana Be-mitz-vo-sav Ve-tzi-vanu Le-had-lik Ner Shel Shabbos.

3) Baruch Atah Ado-noi Elo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam She-heh-che-yah-nu Ve-kiye-ma-nu Ve-hi-gi-ah-nu Laz-zman Ha-zeh.

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Vacation Schedule
Hebrew School will be CLOSED 
on the following dates: 
Tuesday, April 11
Sunday, April 16
Tuesday, April 18
Dates and Times for Passover '17

Monday, April 10  
Eat Chometz until 10:23 am
Burn Chometz before 11:40 am

First night of Passover 
Light candles at 7:13 pm
(say blessings 1 and 3)
Conduct the first Seder

Tuesday, April 11
Second night of Passover
Light candles* after 8:15 pm
(say blessings 1 and 3)
Conduct the second Seder 

Wednesday, April 12
Havdalah at 8:16 pm concludes the first part of the Passover holiday.

Friday, April 14
Shabbos "Chol HaMoed" Passover 
Light candles at 7:17 pm 
(say blessing 2)

Saturday, April 15
Havdalah service at 8:19 pm

Sunday, April 16
Seventh night of Passover
Light candles at 7:20 pm
(Say blessing 1)

Monday, April 17
Eighth night of Passover
Light candles after 8:22 pm
(say blessing 1)

Tuesday, April 18
Eighth day of Passover
Yizkor Service
Holiday ends at with Havdalah
at 8:23 pm
and then Chometz may be eaten.
Wait an hour to give the Rabbi enough time to buy back your Chometz before eating it.
Rabbi Jared Viders
 is available for JEP Hebrew School parents and students. He can be reached at jmviders@gmail.com or 845.558.8971 for questions related to Pesach or any other topic you may wish to discuss with him. 
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