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JUNE 1, 2013
Late last week, we were finally invoiced for the 1/18 scale Spark Jim Clark Lotus 33 that we've been waiting for since last fall. That means we should have delivery in the next week to 10 days. We still have a few pieces available from this first US shipment. Click below to grab one and if you need a bit more to convince you, check out the full photo set HERE.

Clark Lotus 33 - TeaserSpark 18s067 - #1 Lotus 33 / Jim Clark / 1965 German GP Winner / 1965 World Champion
$190.00 Order  HERE

We're also able to offer a few more of the 1/18 scale Jim Clark Lotus 25 from Spark for those who wish to collect both World Championship winning cars and haven't picked up their 25 yet. $178.00. Order HERE

And, we still have one Jim Clark signed photo remaining, along with the 1960 LeMans autograph book to complete the Jim Clark lineup for today.

Shipping with the Lotus 33 is Spark's 1/18 scale 1987 LeMans winning #17 Porsche 962C. Most are spoken for but as of today, I have 4 available for new orders.
1/18 Spark #17 Rothmans Porsche
Spark 18LM87 - #17 Porsche 962C - Holbert / Bell / Stuck - 1987 LeMans Winner
$189.00 Order HERE

Bruce McLaren M1A 
One more Spark model to tease you with before we call it a week: We're told the 1/43 scale Bruce McLaren M1A in 1964 Riverside livery has been 'stuck in customs' for the past few weeks. As the first McLaren sports racer in a long and successful line, this one's of historical significance. We hope to have them later in the month. $74.00 Reserve HERE.

Enjoy the races this weekend!

- Paul

PS - Heard from Donald Davidson yesterday. His update for the New Edition of the Autocourse Official Illustrated History of the Indianapolis 500 will include last weekend's fastest and most competitive 500. That will probably push the release date back to November / December. We'll keep you up to date.

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