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Orlando martyrs
Saints of Stonewall
Rainbow Christ Prayer
LGBTQ Christian books
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Julian of Norwich
Harvey Milk
Joan of Arc
Uganda martyrs
Queer Rosa Bonheur
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Celebrate LGBT Pride this month -- while recalling the hard history from the Orlando massacre to the Stonewall rebellion.  Resources for prayer, study and resistance are here. May the Rainbow Christ be with you!
New art honors 49 Pulse Orlando martyrs 
  Orlando Martyrs triptych by Tony O'Connell
Orlando Martyr Frank Hernandez by Tony O'Connell One year after the massacre at the Pulse gay bar, the Orlando martyrs are remembered in tributes in the LGBTQ community, including a new work by British artist Tony O'Connell. More info

(Credit:  "Triptych for the 49" by Tony O'Connell)
Saints of Stonewall remembered

It was Beautiful by Douglas Blanchard
LGBTQ people fought back against police harassment in June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, launching a liberation movement.

They are honored here as "saints of Stonewall" because they had the courage to battle an unjust system. They did the miracle of turning self-hatred into self esteem. More info

(Credit: "It was Beautiful" by Douglas Blanchard)
Rainbow Christ Prayer:
LGBT flag reveals the queer Christ 

Stained glass rainbow flag with cross by Andrew Craig Williams
Colors of the LGBT rainbow flag reveal the many faces of the queer Christ in the Rainbow Christ Prayer.  

It begins, "Rainbow Christ, you embody all the colors of the world." Kittredge Cherry and Patrick Cheng wrote the prayer based on his book "From Sin to Amazing Grace." More info

The Rainbow Christ Prayer is  translated into 10 languages.   
LGBTQ Christian books for June 2017
" Jonathan's Loves, David's Laments: Gay Theology, Musical Desires, and Historical Difference"
by Dirk von der Horst.

"Jane Crow: The Life of Pauli Murray" by Rosalind Rosenberg.
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More LGBTQ Christian books this month
" Carnal Knowledge of God: Embodied Love and the Movement for Justice" by Rebecca Voelkel. 

"Queer, There, and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World" by Sarah Prager. Includes Mychal Judge, Joan of Arc, Sor Juana de la Cruz.   

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Kittredge Cherry with rainbow flags  
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Julian of Norwich praises Mother Jesus
 Julian of Norwich by Robert Lentz  

Julian of Norwich is a medieval English mystic who celebrated "Mother Jesus."  It's not known if she herself was queer, but her genderbending ideas were. 
"As truly as God is our Father, so truly is God our Mother," Julian wrote more than 600 years ago. More info
(Credit: "Julian of Norwich" by Robert Lentz
Harvey Milk Day celebrates equality   

Harvey Milk icon by Robert Lentz
Equality for all is celebrated May 22 on Harvey Milk Day, the birthday of LGBT rights pioneer.

He was one of the first openly gay elected officials in the USA when he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977.  Milk was responsible for passing a tough gay-rights law in San Francisco before his assassination on Nov. 27, 1978. 
More info

(Credit: "Harvey Milk of San Francisco" by Robert Lentz,
Joan of Arc: Cross-dressing warrior-saint

St. Joan of Arc by Robert Lentz Joan of Arc was a cross-dressing teenage warrior who led the medieval French army to victory. This queer icon and girl-power hero was killed for wearing men's clothing by the church that later made her a saint.

Joan's belief that God was the source of her gender-bending queerness makes her an inspiring role model for LGBTQ people of faith. More info

(Credit: "Saint Joan of Arc" by Robert Lentz)

Uganda Martyrs raise questions on homosexuality, religion and LGBT rights 
Uganda Martyr Saint Kizito

Tough questions about religion and LGBTQ rights are raised by the Uganda Martyrs. Forty-five Ugandan male pages refused to have sex with their king after they converted to Christianity in 1886 -- so he executed them. They were canonized, leaving some truths hidden by their halos. The Uganda Martyrs are important now with Uganda at the center of worldwide debate on homosexuality. More info 

Pentecost: Holy Spirit brings LGBT visions 

The Holy Spirit Arrives by Douglas Blanchard
Pentecost celebrates the Holy Spirit, an important aspect of God for LGBTQ people.  The Spirit brings flaming gender fluidity and inspires change in the church. Celebrate Pentecost at the Jesus in Love Blog with queer art and literature. More info

(Credit: "The Holy Spirit Arrives" from "The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision" by Douglas Blanchard)
Rosa Bonheur: Cross-dressing painter honored "androgyne Christ"

Rosa Bonheur by Ria Brodell
Rosa Bonheur, the most famous female painter of the 19th century, was a queer cross-dresser who honored what she called the "androgyne Christ." She had long-term relationships with women.


Her achievements grew out of an unusual religious upbringing in the proto-feminist Saint-Simonian sect. Bonheur's gender-bending lifestyle has been covered extensively, but her spirituality has received much less attention. More info 


(Credit: "Rosa Bonheur" from "Butch Heroes" by Ria Brodell)

Jesus returns to God with homoerotic hug  
Christ receives a homoerotic embrace in the controversial Ascension Day painting from  Doug Blanchard's gay Passion of Christ series. Churches emphasize that Jesus ascended to heaven bodily -- in the flesh -- so it's appropriate for the painting to have a physical, erotic component. More info
 (Credit: "Jesus Returns to God" by Doug Blanchard)
Check out the Advocate's cool new list of " 30 LGBT saints," with many links to my blog at Q Spirit and Jesus in Love. They put together the list after a Vatican appointee recently said some Catholic saints "were probably gay."

Thanks to gifts from four recent donors, my book " Equal Ritesis on its way to becoming accessible to people with print disabilities -- and more of my books will be converted soon.

I close with the opening lines of the Rainbow Christ Prayer:

Rainbow Christ, you embody all the colors of the world...
Inspire us to remember the values
expressed in the rainbow flag
of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.
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