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Fall Issue: #2                      
September 17th, 2017
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JSSA Birthday's

Adam Auger
Daniel Jordan
Ian Herrera
Vihaan Batra

We would to wish the above people a very happy birthday this week!
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Quote of the WEEK

"Life is like soccer, you need goals!"




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Dear JSSA Family,

Congratulations to all players, parents and coaches on a successful second week of the season. We hope you enjoy receiving these emails every Monday throughout the season and are open to additional ideas about the content.

Check out our section Team of the Week which is included in our Fall newsletter. All JSSA coaches will be submitting weekly nominations for this section. Congratulations to all players selected for team of the week!

Game of the Week  
                 B11 Premier v Green Lions                   
The JSSA Boys 11 premier team played a very hard fought game on Sunday in Lancaster under the hot sun. The Green Lions came out strong from the whistle and scored right away. However, this did not deter our JSSA boys. With a lot of heart and hustle, they consistently fought back after each goal by the Green Lions to tie the game 3-3. The Green Lions were relentless in their attack, but the JSSA Rangers stayed tough, despite the grueling summer-like conditions. It was a great team performance - of which they should be very proud.        
Team of the Week 
Formation 3-4-3 
GK  Devin Constantino B10 Premier 
RB Olivia Hunninghake  G14 Premier  
CB Dylan Walsh B12 Select
LB Zack Huestis B15 Premier
CM Ben Tatar B12 Premier
CM  Jack Tateosian B10 Premier
LM Owen Rezek  B11 Select
RM Erik Sheehan B13 Premier
CF  Danny Jordan B13 Elite 
RF  Desmond O'Connor B11 Premier
LF  Winston Bunn B11 Premier

Week 2 Results
B9 Premier- W5-0
B10 Premier- W6-2
B11 Select- L8-4
B11 Premier- T3-3
B12 Select- L7-5
B12 Premier- W4-3
B13 Premier-L7-1
B13 Elite- L5-3
B14/15 Premier-L7-0
G14 Premier- L5-0