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Spring Issue: #3                           
May 1st, 2017
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JSSA Birthday's

Genevieve Juriansz
Shane Dornelas
Saira Fuentes
Fia Flamand
Katie Pezaris
Will Schuller

We would to wish the above people a very happy birthday this week!

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Quote of the WEEK

"Set your soccer goals high and don't stop till you get there"


David Beckham 



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Dear JSSA Family,

Congratulations to all players, parents and coaches on a fantastic weekend of soccer keep up the good work. We hope you enjoy receiving these emails and are open to additional ideas about the content.

Check out our new section Team of the Week which we have added for our Spring newsletter. All JSSA coaches will be submitting weekly nominations for this section. Congratulations to all players selected for team of the week!

Game of the Week  
                 B9 Premier v Explosion F.C                       
The JSSA U9's played against a very strong Explosion team at Olin College. Both teams started positively but it was not long before JSSA started to take control of the game. The opening goal came after some great work from Luke Hunsicker who crossed for Devin Constantino to finish. The second goal came from some individual work from Ethan Buttner who then fired low past the goalkeeper. JSSA defended brilliantly together and held out for the win. Overall a fantastic team performance from the boys. WELL DONE BOYS!          

Team of the Week
Formation 3-4-3 
GK  Alex Lowitt      B10 Premier     
RD Mathilde Senter     G9 Premier    
CD Olin Day     B12 Elite    
LD Alexander Advani     B13 Premier    
CM Luke Hunsicker    B9 Premier    
CM  Owen Hunsicker    B11 Premier   
LM Dininar Alpers      B10 Premier       
RM Megan Carney   G16 Premier      
CF  Tommy Coleman      B10 Premier      
RF  Josie Wordell      G9 Premier       
LF  Marianna Tsolias     G14 Elite    
Week 3 Results
B9 Premier- W2-1 & W5-1   
B9 Premier MH-  W5-1 & L7-1
B10 Premier- W5-2
B11 Premier- W2-1
B11 Select- L7-0
B12 Elite- L4-1
B12 Premier- L2-1
B13 Premier- W4-3
B14/15 Premier- L4-0
B16 Premier-  4/23 - W7-2 & T1-1
B17 Elite- L2-0
B18/19 Premier- L3-0

G9 Premier-  W5-1 & L5-0             

G10/11 Premier- BYE                                      

G12 Premier- L2-1          

G13/14 Elite-  W1-0

G13/14 Premier- L3-1        

G15 Napoli-  N/A   

G16 Premier-  T0-0    

G17 Napoli Blaze- W2-1   

G18/19 Premier- L4-1   

G18/19 Napoli Blast- L3-0