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Fall Issue: # 2  
September 21, 2015
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JSSA Birthday's

Charlotte Elwy
Daniel Jordon
Adam Auger
Gil Arvin
Isaac Levine
Jason Silverman
Amer Hukanovic
Sam Olstein

We would to wish the above people a very happy birthday this week!

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QUIZ of the WEEK

Q. Who is the longest serving manager/coach in the Premier League??



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Dear JSSA Family,

Congratulations to all players, parents and coaches on another fantastic weekend of soccer.

In relation to our weekly soccer quiz please share the question with your JSSA player's and if he/she knows the answer, he/she should share it with one of the full time JSSA coaches (myself, Brad, Martin, Gary, Ben or Bill), who will be on the fields in Hopedale and Olin every week.  The first 5 responses will receive a FREE JSSA GIFT, every week!

Game of the Week
GU12 Elite v. VSA United    
The under 12 elite girls team played a hard-fought game on Sunday to come up with the two nothing win. In the first half both teams battled and had a lot of opportunities but just couldn't put it on the back of the net. JSSA outworked the other team and started moving the ball with pace and intelligence in the second half picking the other team apart till they found their opportunities. Vanessa Cordis got credit for an assist with a fantastic cross in after driving to the in-line beating two or three opponents on the way and sending in a great ball. Kaitlyn Barton and Isabella Gamgemi where the goal scorers and Isabella coming up with one to celebrate her birthday. Overall a great game, WELL DONE GIRLS!
Coach of the Week  
Gary Nolan - B10 Premier & G11 Premier Coach

Kerry, Ireland

Alex Ferguson- The amount of success he brought to Manchester United over the years.        
Week 2 Results
B9 Premier-
B9 Select -
B10 Premier- L4-1
B10 Select- L4-0
B10 MH- L7-2 
B11 Elite- L4-3
B11 Premier- L2-0
B12 Premier- L5-2
B13 Premier- L11-0
B13 Select- L3-1
B14 Elite- L4-1
B14 Premier- T5-5

G10 Premier-L4-1    

G10 Select- L6-0     

G11 Premier- L2-1     

G12 Elite-W2-0   

G12 Premier- L3-2    

G12 Select- W3-0     

G13 JSSA Napoli Thunder- L3-0  

G14 JSSA Napoli Flames- W2-1