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Fall Issue: # 5     
October 19th, 2015
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JSSA Birthday's

Desmond O'Connor
Max Munoff
Mandy Glynn
Sam O'Sullivan
Lauren Medeiros
Matthew Sexton
Ellis Mandel
Joey Cohen

We would to wish the above people a very happy birthday this week!

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QUIZ of the WEEK

Q. What is Real Madrid's stadium called??



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Dear JSSA Family,

Congratulations to all players, parents and coaches on another fantastic weekend of soccer. Keep up the good work! 

In relation to our weekly soccer quiz please share the question with your JSSA player's and if he/she knows the answer, he/she should share it with one of the full time JSSA coaches (myself, Brad, Martin, Gary, or Bill), who will be on the fields in Hopedale and Olin every week.  The first 5 responses will receive a FREE JSSA GIFT, every week!

Game of the Week
      BU9 Premier v. Valeo       
JSSA started the game brilliantly pressing the ball high up the field and forcing mistakes from Valeo. The high work rate paid off when Owen Schuller won the ball and finished low into the corner. JSSA went two up after great work from Andrew Cotter on the right wing who cut inside to fire high into the net. Ben Tatar, Ben Lusby and Nolan Gannon defended brilliantly with Brendan Mukherjee in goals keeping Valeo scoreless. JSSA continued to move the ball in midfield with Jake Goldfine, Desmond O'Connor, Wesley and Winston Bunn keeping possession.  Luke Hunsicker then fired an excellent strike from distance to make the game beyond Valeo. Overall great team performance from JSSA.  WELL DONE BOYS!!
Coach of the Week  
Adam Smith  - B9 Select & G12 Premier Coach  

Scarborough, N Yorkshire

PREVIOUS CLUB PLAYED FOR? Scarborough College, Scarborough & Ryedale District
Arsene Wenger- 2004 Invincibles, incredible achievement and has consistently got Arsenal champions league football.     
Week 5 Results
B9 Premier- T1-1 & W5-0
B9 Select - L3-0 & W3-2
B10 Premier- W3-2
B10 Select-L5-0
B10 MH- L6-2 
B11 Elite- L5-1
B11 Premier- L4-2
B12 Premier- L8-1
B13 Premier- L3-1
B13 Select- L3-0
B14 Elite- L1-0
B14 Premier- L4-0

G10 Premier-Bye          

G10 Select- L5-1         

G11 Premier- T2-2       

G12 Elite-L3-1      

G12 Premier- L5-2       

G12 Select- W5-1         

G13 JSSA Napoli Thunder- W4-2    

G14 JSSA Napoli Flames- W2-0