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Fall Issue: # 6      
October 26th, 2015
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JSSA Birthday's

Nicholas Powderly
Owen Manning
Andrew Medeiros
Andrew Ma
Thomas Moreth
Joseph Spielman

We would to wish the above people a very happy birthday this week!

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QUIZ of the WEEK

Q. Who scored the most goals in MLS history??



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Dear JSSA Family,

Congratulations to all players, parents and coaches on another fantastic weekend of soccer. Keep up the good work! 

In relation to our weekly soccer quiz please share the question with your JSSA player's and if he/she knows the answer, he/she should share it with one of the full time JSSA coaches (myself, Brad, Martin, Gary, or Bill), who will be on the fields in Hopedale and Olin every week.  The first 5 responses will receive a FREE JSSA GIFT, every week!

Game of the Week
          BU11 Elite v. Western Mass FC        
JSSA came up against a very strong and well organized Western Mass side, who took the lead after 15 minutes. But the response from JSSA was fantastic who controlled the game keeping possession and creating chances. The boys got back on level terms after a quick counter attack resulted in Brett Cushing finding the back of the net. In the second half JSSA continued to control the game and after some excellent build up play on the right hand side Brendan Schmidt put in a great cross for Will Schuller to finish at the front post. Western Mass got back on level terms with 10 minutes left but JSSA kept calm and after a clever ball from Emmet Ritchie found Brett Cushing who bravely made it 3-2 to finish the game. Overall a great team performance from JSSA.WELL DONE BOYS!!
Coach of the Week  
Kenny Hadden  - G10 & G12 Select Coach  

Glasgow, Scotland

PREVIOUS CLUB PLAYED FOR? Petershill Football Club
Walter Smith- Who masterminded Glasgow Rangers 9 league titles in the 90's and as I grew up supporting my boyhood team, that's a memory of a lifetime.       
Week 6 Results
B9 Premier-
B9 Select -
B10 Premier- W11-0
B10 Select-L9-0
B10 MH- L7-0 
B11 Elite- W3-2
B11 Premier- L6-2
B12 Premier- L5-1
B13 Premier- L14-1
B13 Select- T1-1
B14 Elite- L2-1
B14 Premier- L5-2

G10 Premier- W5-3             

G10 Select- L5-1           

G11 Premier- W6-3       

G12 Elite-T0-0       

G12 Premier- T2-2        

G12 Select- L3-2          

G13 JSSA Napoli Thunder- T2-2     

G14 JSSA Napoli Flames- W4-1