Orrville Parade, June 29, 2106 

~~Rittman Sleepwalker Festival Parade:  Thursday, July 28, 6:00 pm 
~~Creston Ox Roast Parade:  Wednesday, August 13, noon.  
~~Marshallville Historical Days Parade:  Wednesday, August 27, 11:00 am

Wear your bright green RTWC tee shirt.
We will have some available to purchase for $12  or email us to make prior arrangements.

Helmets required for all bicyclists. Walkers, equestrians, wagons, strollers and rollerblades also welcome.
Norwayne HS HPAC
Shares Profit with RTWC

At the June 8 meeting of the RTWC Board of Directors, the Norwayne High School HPAC group gave a very informative and professional presentation about their Trail Traveler project.  They then presented Board President Don Noble II with a check for $1,000 in appreciation for the cooperation  provided by the board.  Presenting the check were L-R: Tyler Ault, Hannah Miller and Lance Larrison.

Congratulations to the HPAC group on a very successful project!  


Special thanks to Abigail Schar for cleaning and upgrading the kiosk at the Rittman trailhead for the County Line Trail. With a new bulletin board installed we can now post our trail rules, maps and notices.

Thank you, Abigail!

OMA Making Plans for
"Serve the City" Initiative
The Orrville Ministerial Association is working with several not-for-profit organizations, offering to organize  volunteers from local and area churches for a hands-on day of service.
RTWC Board Member Jenni Reusser recently met with Pastor John Grandy of Living Water Church, representing the OMA, to assist in coordinating projects for the Heartland Trail, the Orrville Historical Society and the Orrville Railroad Heritage Society. 

Watch for more information about this special community work day.

Let's Talk Trails

Update on The Heartland Trail
Hoover Construction Services is progressing nicely with construction of the restroom and trailhead in downtown Orrville.  The anticipated completion date is early August.  The plumbing has been installed under the floor, the concrete floor has been poured and the block walls are being constructed.
Cavanaugh Building Corporation plans to begin construction of the trail after the 4th of July festivities in Orrville.   They plan to start with the bridges in the Blackwell Williams park land.  The anticipated completion date is late September.

 New Share the Trail Signs on CLT 

You will find these new SHARE THE TRAIL signs in four locations on the County Line Trail.
New Stop Sign on the Sippo Trail
A new stop sign has been added at the W. Lebanon Road crossing (shown above on the left)

Departing on July 16, riding 350 miles ~ DC to Pittsburgh
Once again we will be sending you a daily email with updates on this 8 day adventure

This month we feature Bill and Tammy Hershberger.
Thank you, Tammy, for sharing your story with us!

We started riding on the trails about five years ago, going to the Sippo Trail in Dalton, and then discovered the County Line Trail in Rittman. That's where we go most of the time now. We've try to change it up a little
Bill and Tammy  enjoying their new tandem. 
by driving to Sterling and riding from there, rather than always starting in Rittman. We also enjoy the Holmes County Trail from Fredricksburg to Millersburg. We love sharing the trail there with the buggies. That is such a great experience. We'd also like to try the Kokosing Gap Trail from Danville to Mt. Vernon sometime soon. And we're SO anxiously waiting for the Heartland Trail to be constructed, as we just live a block away from where it will go through Marshallville!

We like the trails so much because we don't have to worry about traffic, and I especially like that it's a level grade and there aren't big hills to climb. Seems like I'm always working at trying to lose weight and be healthier and because I have a bad knee, bike riding is really ideal for me, and my husband is so supportive of that. He even rides up along beside me when I might be struggling a little, and puts his hand on my back and pushes! I always tell my daughters "be sure to marry a man that will put his hand on your sweaty back and push when you need it!" Which is one reason we wanted to try out a tandem bike!

 We don't usually ride with anyone, other than our oldest daughter who comes along when she isn't working (our youngest daughter is living in Columbus while she's in school.) We went riding once with friends Brian and Tammie Clark, but I'm often needing to stop for small breaks, and I felt so guilty holding them up each time, so usually it's just us.

We want to hear YOUR story!   Why do you ride?  Where do you ride? Do you walk?  Are you an equestrian? Does your family use the trails?  To be featured in this Walk & Roll Wall of Fame column, please contact us at  waynerailtotrails@gmail.com    

RTWC Board Members
President: Don Noble II, Shreve   
Vice President: Ted Short, Wooster 
Secretary:  Katie VanZile, Orrville 
Treasurer: David L. Lehman, Orrville 



Tom Bahl, Shreve           Susan Baker, Creston    Pat Glessner, Sterling                        
Phil Grimm,  Kidron        Becky Jewell, Orrville     Jenni Reusser, Orrville

Keith Winkler, Sterling    Keith Workman, Orrville