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February 2011 Newsletter



In This Issue
Spring Registration-February 21st
Coach's Corner
3rd Annual Soccer Ball
Youth Indoor Soccer
Club Launches New WEBSITE
JHYS Players to Play in College
"Upping" Their Game
"D" License Coaches Training

Spring Registration Opens February 21st

Registration for JHYS's spring programs opens on February 21.  Parents are encouraged to enroll their children online via the club's website:  www.jacksonholeyouthsoccer.com

The Club is happy to announce more opportunities for recreational players who don't want to travel outside the valley.  Beginning this spring, kids in the U10-U14 age groups have two options: the Academy (recreational/ non-travel) program  or the  United (competitive/ travel).  Academy and United players will be combined for practices on Tuesday and Thursdays and every other Thursday will be a game with teams that are drafted from combining two age groups (U11/U12 & U13/U14).  United players will have a third practice day during the week and will be playing in the Idaho Falls league and/or traveling to tournaments on the weekends.  More detailed information can be found on the website when it launches 2/21/11.

Coach's Corner

by Marc Hirshfield

It's dumping outside!!! Tomorrow's gonna be a sick day of waist deep pow pow. Yeah dude, that's awesome but not so good for our locked up, 20 below, middle of winter soccer program. So how do we get better with our skills and think about soccer in our mid-winter fantasy here in western Wyoming? I do a couple of things. First, I love to watch soccer on TV. Now, promoting couch "potatoness" doesn't sound like the stuff of legendary skippers but studying the tape has always been an important aspect of the game. Personally, I like to watch the English Premiership; the pace of play, attacking style, and total commitment are a marvel for any fan. But as we study the tape what is it that makes these athletes superior to their peers in lesser leagues or those on our own turf in the MLS?  For me a couple of things really stand out. Speed, the speed of play, the speed of passing, the speed of vision, the speed of recovery and at the end of the day just pure God given speed of foot. And while some are blessed with the speed gene, simply being fast does not always mean we are speedy. Speed can come from belief, from vision, from anticipation; but the other thing that separates the Premiership players apart and makes them super speedy is their first touch. 'First Touch'- essentially means just that, our first touch on the ball when we receive it. How we deal with that touch can be the difference between a decent high school player and a kid who goes on to play college ball or further. The ability to control that ball when it is passed to you and quickly deal with it is an essential skill for all players. How far out in front of you did you trap it? Is it the exact distance for a well struck shot, or right at your feet so you can dribble and attack, or did you deal with it as a perfect one touch pass. Improving your first touch will dictate your pace of play and make you a speedy player.  


So, that brings us to our second item we can do in winter - Juggle, juggle ...juggle.  Every time we juggle we are improving our first touch. Every touch is a first touch when we juggle. Go out to the garage, juggle in the driveway, juggle a tennis ball (with your feet!). Juggling is the easiest and most important thing we can do individually as players to improve our skill. There you have it - juggle like a madman and you'll make the pros. Maybe not, but you will drastically improve your first touch and your speed of play.  Now go out and enjoy those 10 inches of fresh pow, but come home, watch a little Premiership on the tube and then grab a ball and juggle.

3rd Annual


Save the date, Saturday, May 15th, to attend JHYS's 3rd Annual Soccer Ball to be held at Sidewinders.  Look for more information in future newsletters.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Jackson Hole Youth Soccer's February Newsletter. In this issue you will find that there is no off-season for JHYS. Players are busy playing soccer and our staff and board members have been working hard to improve our organization for all our members. In particular you will see that we have hired a new full time staff member. Jolene Moulder is now the new Business Manager for JHYS. Being able to hire another full time employee is a great victory for the club and would not have been possible without the active involvement of our board members. They are a great group of people who love the game and love our community. So please read on and see what JHYS is doing for you.




Carlos Elizondo


Youth Indoor Soccer

Jackson Hole Youth Soccer and Teton Co/Jackson Parks and Recreation have teamed up again to offer a fun, winter indoor soccer program. Games, scrimmages, and instruction will be emphasized in this program. Volunteer coaches are welcomed to make this program a success.  Play starts NEXT MONDAY, so sign up as soon as possible!


Location: recreation center gym

Registration fee:  $35


Monday and Wednesday

Date: February 14, - March 23, NO CLASS Monday, February 21

Pre k/kindergarten, 4:15 - 5:15 pm

5th/6th grade, 5:15 - 6:15 pm

7th-8th grade, 3:15 - 4:15 pm


Tuesday and Thursday

Date: February, 15, - March 24, NO CLASS Tuesday, February 22

1st/2nd grade, 3:45 - 4:45 pm

3rd/4th grade, 4:45 - 5:45 pm


Club Launches New WEBSITE

The Club's new and improved website will be launched February 21, 2011.  We hope JHYS players and parents will find it to be a more attractive site that is much simpler to navigate.  Continued "tweaking" will make it better and better.  Of special note is that the new website features a link to the JHYS Google Calendar which will be updated consistently with new and revised information.  The new website also works with GotSoccer.com for registration.  Wyoming Youth Soccer began using Got Soccer last fall for registration so now JHYS can expedite the WYS process for all players and parents.  The new website uses the same URL as our previous site: www.jacksonholeyouthsoccer.com 

Abbey-Brooke signing

Two JHYS Players Sign

to Play College Soccer

Jackson Hole Youth Soccer is proud and happy to announce that two of our club players will be playing in collegiate programs in the fall.  Brooke Rice has signed to play for the Santa Clara Broncs, where her sister Ellie is also playing, and Abbey Armijo will be making Wyoming proud as a member of the University of Wyoming's Women's Soccer team.  Congratulations, girls!  We'll look forward to following your games! 

"Upping" Their Game  

This winter, several Jackson Hole Youth Soccer players have been honing their skills outside the valley.  Jacob Freeze had the opportunity to play with the Olympic Development Program Region IV team in Florida during Thanksgiving. Jacob and Bjorn Schou, as well as Tristan Wagner also participated in the Far West ODP Championships in Phoenix, Arizona in January.  


Jess and Lucas Freeze, Jasper Kirsten and Teague Gudemann will represent JHYS at the Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International Youth Soccer Showcase. This college showcase tournament is a great event for our players to show off their talents and receive some well-deserved recognition. The competition takes place February 18-21, 2011. 

"D" License Coaches Training

Carlos has arranged for coaches training to earn a National "D" License Certificate from US Soccer.  Coaches who have not yet earned this license are encouraged to sign up as the training will be held IN JACKSON, allowing coaches to save both time and travel expenses.  The National "D" License Certificate

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