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March 2011 Newsletter



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Spring Soccer is Coming!
Las Vegas Mayor's Cup
3rd Annual Soccer Ball
Frequent Flyer Miles?
Volunteer Parent Coaches Needed
Referee Clinic June 10th
Coach's Corner
JHYS Family Picnic Scheduled
Summer Camp Hosts Needed
Brooke Rice - In the News
New Business Manager
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Spring Soccer

is Coming!

We're off to a successful launch of our Spring Season and new online registration through GotSoccer. Five year-old Stella Robinson, who registered for the Grassroots Academy, has the distinction of being the first JHYS player to register using GotSoccer. Registration will continue thru Friday, March 25th. Late registration runs from March 26th-April 8th, but prices for all programs will increase by $25. Please register as soon as possible so that the club can do the proper planning to ensure an organized, successful season for every age group.  Also, please check your account in GotSoccer to be sure player, parent and emergency information is completely filled out.  

Las Vegas

Mayor's Cup


Jess and Lucas Freeze, Jasper Kirsten and Teague Gudemann represented JHYS at the Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International Youth Soccer Showcase. Lucas and Jess reported on the weekend:  


Over President's Weekend, February 18-21, 2011, Jess and I went to Las Vegas for a college soccer showcase tournament. Jess played for the Wyoming Olympic Development (ODP) team while I played with a club team, Joga fc, from Utah. Over 300 teams attended the tournament from 23 different states and nine foreign counties. Jess played her first game against a team from Tucson, Arizona ending in a 0-0 tie. I played my first game against a Montana united team. That game ended in a 1-1 tie. Jess's second game was against Kilowna, a team from Canada. They won 1-0. My second game was against Ohio fc and we tied 0-0. After day one, the Wyoming ODP team was surprised to know that they could hold their own in a highly competitive tournament. Joga was satisfied with two ties, but thought that we could do better although we did get lucky in our first game. Jess's third game was against a team from northern California and tied one-one, which was very surprising, given that teams from California are usually very skilled. Joga's third game, the quarterfinals, was against a southern California team. The score ended 1-1 after a hard-fought game. Since it was the quarterfinals, we had to go into a penalty kick shootout. After going back and forth, we eventually lost 7-6. Unfortunately, we were not going to be headed to the semi-finals. Wyoming ODP got second in their bracket, which was not quite good enough to move on so they played their fourth game in a consolation match against Sparta from Utah. They lost 4-2. Although it was a disappointing way to end the tournament, the team was very satisfied with their overall performance and everyone is excited to go back next year. My fourth game was against a team from Canada called Solano San Lorenzo. We lost 2-1 and we did not play to our potential. Overall, Joga fc played well and competed with some tough teams. The players from Jackson were happy to have had the opportunity to play against talented players and to have represented JHYS and our state in this tournament. 


3rd Annual


Please invite your friends to attend JHYS's 3rd Annual Soccer Ball Fundraiser to be held at Sidewinders Tavern on Saturday, May 14th. Aside from Old Bill's Fun Run, the Soccer Ball is a major fundraiser for our club. Tickets are $75. Our Fantastic Raffle offers a "buyer's choice" of a dozen raffles in one. Choose one, choose your favorites, choose them ALL. Raffle tickets are just $10 or 12 for $100.  Both event and raffle tickets will be available after April 1st on the website and at Betty Rock Cafe.


If you would like to help with the planning of the event or offer an item/service for a raffle package, please contact Jolene Moulder at the soccer office, 307-200-6034.

Frequent Flyer Miles? 

Do you know someone who racks up thousands of frequent flyer miles? Our club would sincerely appreciate the donation of flyer miles that we could use to pay for flights.  We have arranged for "surprise" entertainment from Los Angeles for our summer camp and would like to include airfare in a couple of our raffle packages for the Soccer Ball Fundraiser.  If you can help, please contact Jolene Moulder at the soccer office, 307-200-6034.  

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Hi everyone and Welcome to the JHYS March Newsletter.  Spring soccer is right around the corner, registration is going strong and we appreciate everyone who has already signed up. Thank you, it really helps us to prepare for the season and provide a great soccer education for the kids. On that note, we are still looking for parent coaches to help out in the MiniKicker and Grassroot Academies. If you are interested please go to our website and take a look at the program descriptions. We will be providing training throughout the season for our coaching staff. So don't be afraid, sign up to be a coach today.


Finally if you are a parent of a U11 player and above, we have some great news for you.  This season we will start our first ever "Club League". All players will participate in our "Club League" which will include 7 home dates and end with a big end of season party for the entire club.


I hope everyone is having a great winter and I look forward to seeing you on the fields in April.




Carlos Elizondo


Deadline Approaches

for Volunteer Coaching

The Club could not exist and succeed without the wonderful volunteer coaches we've had for all of our age groups, but especially the parents who have coached our youngest players.  If you have ever considered being a coach, please contact Carlos at the soccer office, 200-6034 prior to March 25th.  There will be two coaches training sessions on Monday and Wednesday, April 11th and 13th from 5:30-6:30pm at the synthetic fields east of the high school.  New coaches will also receive guidance from a JHYS staff coach who will lead the practice for your team every other week. Please consider volunteering for your son or daughter's team!  

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 Referee Clinic June 10th

Make some MONEY this summer by working as a referee during our summer recreational league.  JHYS is sponsoring a FREE clinic to earn a Grade 8 referee license, allowing you to Center for both recreational and competitive games. The clinic will be held on June 12th at the Jackson Town Council Chambers from 8-5pm. JHYS is paying for the instructor, lunch AND your first year's registration fee so take advantage of this great opportunity!  You can register for the clinic via the club's website or by clicking on this link: Referee Clinic 

Coach's Corner

by Marc Hirshfield


Two weeks and counting... Two weeks until our annual fortnight hiatus 'Spring Break' that takes us to far flung destinations, road trips to see the family or just hanging around a quiet Jackson Hole. The change of the season beckons and on the other side, a new soccer season.


So what can we do on Spring Break that will get us ready? The usual stuff - stay active, don't eat too much junk, juggle a ball, watch some Champion's League on tv. But the thing I like to do most when I travel is bring a soccer ball.


Bringing a ball on any trip is good for the obvious reasons - always an opportunity to knock it around, kick it against a wall, or juggle.  But the better reason to bring a ball with you when you travel is to make connections. Soccer is the world's game -there are more countries enrolled in FIFA (the world governing body of soccer) than the United Nations. Toting a ball with you on a foreign beach or plaza will alight interest from locals that will quickly dispel your tourist image.


Many moons ago my brother Scott and I were wandering through the back streets of Cairo, Egypt absorbing the disparity of culture and privilege our upbringing afforded us. With our soccer ball in hand a group of kids approached us and a two-hour game on the dirt-clad backstreets of a foreign land ensued. We were no longer the big white Americans, just teammates in an impromptu match. That soccer ball, that game, bridged the gap -- we didn't speak a lick of Arabic and they knew no English and that hardly mattered. The camaraderie of the moment - two Jewish kids from New York playing a street soccer match with historical foes elegantly showcased the power of that little ball. And while you don't need to travel to Egypt or China for this scenario to take place, these little games are happening all over the world everyday in places as foreign as Katmandu or close as Salt Lake City. This wonderful way to connect has happened to me countless times in my life and are moments I will always cherish.


Travel with a soccer ball and see what worlds open up for you. Have a wonderful Spring Break and no matter where you go bring your ball. And if you happen to be visiting a land where many are less fortunate economically than you, leave your ball for the local kids. Their appreciation will more than make up for the value of your donation.

 JHYS Family Picnic

Save the Date:  June 11th, for an end-of-season event for all Jackson Hole Youth Soccer families.  There will be lots of food, and fun and we'll look forward to celebrating our successful spring soccer season and the end of the school year. More details will follow in future newsletters. Can't wait to see you there! 

Hosts Needed

Would you be able to host a coach during one of our summer camps?  JHYS already has plans made for two summer camps and we are looking for housing for out-of-town guest club directors and college coaches.  If we can provide housing, our costs will be greatly reduced, benefitting the entire club by allowing us to keep the camp fees affordable. The first session is Tuesday-Friday, July 5th-8th, 2011, and the second session is Tuesday-Friday, August 1st-4th.  If you have a guesthouse, guest room, or commercial lodging that you could provide to a coach, please contact Carlos or Jolene at the soccer office, 200-6034.

Brooke Rice quoted on 

Pair of Top 100 declare schools

Excerpt from Article Written By Jahmal Corner, ESNN

Today we're looking at our latest girls' commitments from around the country.  Let's take a look:

Brooke Rice (Sparta United) is heading to Santa Clara for the 2011 season to play with sister Ellie Rice, a midfielder for the Broncos.  "I wanted to play with her," Rice said, of one of the main factors behind her decision. "I believe Santa Clara has some of the best coaches and a campus that is one of a kind. It's the perfect size for me."

JHYS Hires First Business Manager 

Jackson Hole Youth Soccer welcomes Jolene Moulder as the club's first, full-time business manager who will take over the Club Manager duties from Ashley Pafford and the Bookkeeping duties from Deb Foster.  Jolene is familiar with the club as two of her children, Abbie and Ethan, both played in JHYS and she previously served as the club's bookkeeper in 2006-2007.  Jolene is eager to get involved, meet families and help promote JHYS.  She can be reached via email at or at the soccer office, 200-6034.

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