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Trouble quieting your mind? Moving Meditation is an easy way to settle an active mind. Join DaoShima Mon/Wed early morning OR Wed/Fri early evening. Clear your mind for the day ahead or create a relaxing tone for restful sleep.  Course Link  (First Class Free)

Spring dates are set for the next Qigong Teacher Certification course: every Sat/Sun in April 2017, 10:30-12:30pm. Enroll soon... course is limited to 8 participants.  Preview Course


LaoShih Holly and DaoShima offer Saturday & Sunday sessions from 9-10 am. All abilities are welcome but instruction is geared toward first-time beginners. Come and meet others who rejuvenate with these holistic ancient arts. (Donations welcome!)
Meet Rabia
Inspiration Continued for Years:
Love of Turkish Romani, Folk, and Belly Dance

It is said that growing up with culture, music and dance in itself will enable one to become a dancer, but I disagree. As a young child, I was certainly influenced by my lovely mother who played a frame drum at traditional henna nights in our community. She used a small picnic tube to tighten up her frame drum to get better sound in the local tradition. My mother also exposed me and my youngest sister to the local dance traditions of my homeland.  

Both my sister and I loved to dance and it was not long before we were being sought out to dance together. Although my early exposure to Turkish Romani and folkloric dance deeply influenced me, it has been my formal and continued dance education that has perfected my style and teaching. This education led to my deep love of dance and teaching students. 

Today I am blessed to share my culture, music and dance with others who have my same passion.
Rabia Duddy,  Artistic Director &  Owner 
Gozde Dans Company  Turkish Dance by Rabia 

Meet Heather
Replacing a Lifestyle: Oil and AromaDance Therapy

When I was growing up, I was taught the only options were to be in pain or to take a pill. There was no middle ground. I never learned that my body had a voice that was just waiting to be heard. There was no correlation between food and symptoms, and there definitely was no questioning a doctor, ever. 

I was riddled with health problems growing up ranging from tubes in my ears six times as a young child, to being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis at 14. They said I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 40 and that I would never have children, as it would be too hard on my body. I was put on a regimen of anti-inflammatories and pain killers... my life for many years. I also took about a dozen Excedrin every day because I learned early on that was the way to prevent headaches. Fast forward to adulthood, and I began to drink alcohol on top of everything else. 

When I was about 30, work colleagues encouraged me to check out a place that practiced Eastern Medicine. I already had my first child so I felt I beat the odds, though the pregnancy was quite painful. When I went to see what all the fuss was about, for the first time in my life, I was told I didn't have to "own" my disease - my first step in learning about the sacred mind-body connection.  This was the first half of my 10-year journey to  replace a lifestyle, from anti-depressants to ADHD meds to sleeping pills and heavy drinking.  

After another baby and a divorce, I was introduced to essential oils and thus, the second half of my journey began. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became. Was there really a good alternative to medications? I was very skeptical. But the more I learned about the oils, the more I also learned about medication. I learned about nutrition and that things we put on and in our bodies either help or hurt us on a daily basis. I began to replace medications, one at a time, with oils and supplements. Within a year I was  off pain killers and anti-inflammatories and mostly kicked my Excedrin habit.  I felt a freedom I never experienced. I wasn't at the doctor or going to the pharmacy every week. I wasn't missing work because I was sick. I completely stopped drinking  and have been sober now for more than four years. My life has changed in immeasurable ways.  

I'm now compelled and find great joy in sharing the many ways oils can benefit and enhance life. I'm full of love, gratitude and appreciation for a life I can live fully now that I've faced my demons. I'm healthier than I've ever been, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I believe this is only the beginning of my journey. I look forward, not only to learning, but to serving others with my knowledge. 

Join me the first Monday of the month to experience chakra-paired oils, music and dance. This experience allows for the joyful clearing of emotional and energetic blockages ready to be released. 
November will be jammed with 'Day Sales'. Keep an eye on Facebook... Jade Lady or Plum Blossom pages... so you don't miss great deals for the holiday! Or, call to see what's on sale that day.

Expect to see one-day-only super discounts on oils & blends, hand-carved icons/boxes/walking sticks/sabers, uniquely designed GlamGloves & GroovyGloves, hand-cured teatables, hand-crafted beeswax candles and lots of stocking suffers!

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Saturday Nite Movie
Join us the 3rd Saturday of the month, 7:30-9:30p. Donations to cover costs are appreciated. This season we're honoring classics from the 30s & 40s. 
Nov 19: The Scarlet Empress stars Marlene Dietrich as German Noble Woman Sophia Frederica and Sam Jaffe as the dimwitted Grand Duke Peter, heir to the Russian throne.
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