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  Jade Lady News - March 2016
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   DaoShima Susan
  • FREE Tai Chi every Saturday, 9 am
  • FREE Meditation every Sunday, 9 am
  • 1st Class Free, Meditative/TaiChi Series
  • 1st Class Free, Dance/Performance Series
  • FREE Movie Nite, 4th Friday of the month
Jade Lady encourages a community of positive thinking and sharing. By sharing our hopes and dreams, we actually create a picture... a picture that our mind can grasp... a picture that inspires us and moves us forward into that world... the world we create through thinking and sharing. 

Jade Lady's mission is to provide space that allows us to cultivate a conscious, deliberate life. Living in the here and now helps us to make peace with our past and open the doors to our future.  Join us in our endeavor to make each others' dreams come true!
Focus on Community
Community TaiChi - Every Saturday, 9-10 am

Our blue "Big Dipper" lights make a nice surreal glow :)
Comments from students plus a segment of our 
10-Movement TaiChi form: Community TaiChi Video


Community Movie Nite - Friday, March 25, 7-9 pm

After graduating from college in Chinese Studies, Mark Franklin makes his way to the country of his dreams. Unfortunately, all his Western Kung-Fu studies "are garbage" according to his new Chinese teacher. "You must re-learn everything!" Each day brings a new clash between Western ways and that of age-old Eastern traditions. PG, 94 min. 

Come enjoy the movie and healthy snacks! Signup here

Heart of Anchorage Awards Ceremony
Saturday, March 26, Early evening
Jade Lady is nominated for the Ship Creek Landing Award: a new, innovative business that has enlivened Downtown Anchorage.

Join us at the Anchorage Museum to celebrate with hors d'oeuvres, no host bar, and fabulous live auction items. For tickets, call  907-279-5650 or email

Plum Blossom Boutique

New items! Solid wood tea tables handcrafted by MadMonkArts. These tables have been prepared with much care and cured with Beeswax and Jojoba Oil. Also check out our china & iron teapots, Koi fish teacups and handcrafted Beeswax candles, which burn 2-3 times longer than other candles. 

Did you know burning beeswax candles actually releases negative ions? Theses ions attach to pollens and other particles in the air, making them heavy enough to fall to the floor to be swept up. So in addition to a lovely scent, your meditation candle can clear the air!  

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Movie Nite
Friday, March 25, 7-9 pm
Iron & Silk   Sign up here
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