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We're back inside at our lovely Studio. Join LaoShih Holly every Saturday and DaoShima every Sunday, 9-10am, free of charge (donations welcome). These classes are open to all abilities, but geared toward the first-time beginner. Come and meet others who enjoy the benefits of these ancient arts.

Our workshops provide an opportunity for focused study, allowing more time to practice and receive corrections. 
2-hour workshops: Meditation Basics, Qigong Basics, TaiChi Basics, 10-Movement TaiChi, Shamanic Five Elements, Internal Alchemy, TaiChi for Arthritis and Turkish Belly Dance.  Buy a package & save
3-hour workshops: Hidden Immortal TaiChi, TaiChi Push Hands and Fire Dragon Qigong (check schedule for pricing).

Moving meditation forms are often easier for the mind to focus on than just quiet sitting. Start and end your week with these simple, graceful movements, standing or seated. Sessions are taught by DaoShima. We meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00am and Fridays at 6:00pm.  Enrollment Link (First Class Free)
Meet Lynn Pillion
TaiChi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

I am 67 years old and I've never felt better! 

Two years ago, after recovering from obesity, numerous physical conditions and diseases, I was able to discontinue ten different medications. Feeling a lot better, I was still debilitated from chronic lack of activity. 

The first thing I wanted to do was regain my peaceful and absorbing TaiChi practice. When I returned though, I was still suffering from peripheral neuropathy and a vestibular loss of balance. I practiced and studied Yang-style TaiChi for twelve years, but took a long break to do other things. Upon my return, I found good local teachers and programs to begin rebuilding my strength and vitality. 

In addition to my former Yang-style, I discovered a program developed by Dr. Paul Lam that used his expertise in medicine and TaiChi to address health conditions. TaiChi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention is an evidenced-based form that lifts mood, improves concentration, strengthens the body, relieves arthritis symptoms, and dramatically reduces the chance of falls. I was so excited and successful in achieving positive results that I became certified to teach this wonderful set of gentle movements. 

I love teaching fellow seniors this strong and graceful set of movements, as I continue my personal recovery at the same time. Recommended for all ages and abilities, I have seen many folks enjoy and benefit from this form. The age range of my students is into the 90s. Several perform the movements seated. Everyone likes the community of fellow practitioners at the classes, where old and new friendships come together in mutual support and respect. 
I look forward to meeting you and any loved ones you believe could benefit from these teachings.  I offer both classes and workshops at Jade Lady, classes at two senior centers, and serve as a substitute teacher at a Yoga studio.

Meet Ryan Marshall
Hidden Immortal TaiChi, Push Hands, Fire Dragon Qigong
I grew up in a very small, rural town in Kentucky with no exposure
to anything resembling energy arts. At a fairly young age I knew there was this other level or layer to life, but I didn't know how to access it. I tried to read everything I could about the awakening and transformation of consciousness. By the age of twelve I had read all the books available in the local libraries. Two.
Between high school and college, I had the opportunity to do an internship with an MD. But I soon realized I was not interested in treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals. I wanted to get to the root of an issue. I also had not received answers about my own health problems. So I gave up on studying medicine.
I received a scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans. It was amazing to have the chance to read more than two books about meditation! After experimenting on my own for some time, I began training at the Zen center. I did my first retreat in 1993, which was brutally difficult, but I felt there was a path through the difficulties.
In my junior year, I studied in Madrid... and as luck would have it, there was Zen dojo affiliated with same teacher whose lineage I had been studying. It was a very active group, so in addition to daily practice, I was able to do several retreats, one lasting 11 days. It was often excruciating. Not just the crossed-legs for extended periods, but mental and emotional difficulties that surfaced were painful to confront, things I would have rather avoided. Fortunately, I somehow knew the only way was to go through them or I would have to deal with them later, so I continued the cultivation.
I was first exposed to Eastern medicine through my dojo friends in Madrid. With Eastern medicine something clicked for me: the ability to prevent problems from arising by bringing the system into balance. I had long reflected on Einstein's E=MCand I realized that Eastern medicine was attempting to treat on the energy side of the equation before it was a material issue.  After four years of Zen Meditation, my mental and emotional issues were much better. Depression was still an issue for several more years, but it had much less power over me.
As the mental and emotional issues began to resolve, I became more aware of how my body was doing, and I realized it was still quite sick. Multiple injuries had left many of my joints painful and I had terrible low back pain. Plus sickness as a child had gotten to the point where I would get sick almost every week. Getting less than 9 hours of sleep was sure to mean my lymph nodes would be even more swollen and painful in the morning. I was exhausted to where I could barely make it through the day. 
In 1996 I was introduced to Qigong through a one-day workshop with Dr. Dean   Deng. For years I had been meditating very seriously in this very strict traditional Japanese style, and here was this Chinese man teaching Qigong and laughing uproariously as he was teaching. I thought to myself, does this guy know how many people are suffering? I didn't understand how he could laugh so much, but I was impressed by his skill and healing ability. With the Qigong practice I could feel vitality returning to my body. But it took a few more years of dedicated practice to realize why he was laughing.
That same year, I returned to Madrid to continue my Zen studies and begin my study of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But rather than completing the 4-year program there, I followed the advice of a professor, which took me to California. Yo San University, founded by the Ni family, had 37 generations of Chinese Medicine physicians  and carried on traditional cultivation through Qigong, TaiChi and Meditation. This marked a profound phase for my growth, as that lineage not only prepared me to be a healer but began a dramatic spiritual opening. Through my training, I met Dr. Arnold Tayam who has been a   great friend and teacher for Taoist cultivation and Medical Qigong healing. He has been a tremendous help in my understanding of these profound arts.
In 2004, I began Master Zhongxian Wu's National Qigong Training, reconnecting with the Emei and Dragon Gate lineage I had studied in China and California. From the first moment, I could feel the tremendous connection with the lineage in a very pure way, and I had enough experience to appreciate what he was offering. Master Wu's student, Nic Buscemi, began teaching me the Mother Form of TaiChi (which I will start teaching this month). Then, in 2005, I continued my study with Master Wu in his lifelong learning Hidden Immortal TaiChi.

I will offer TaiChi, Joint Qigong & Push Hands on Tuesday evening, starting October 11th, as well as workshops on Fire Dragon Qigong, to help you benefit from Master Wu's visit in February. I believe Master Wu offers a purity of lineage connection and training. We are very lucky he continues to make these teachings available.

We have more "Glam Gloves" for upcoming events and gift-giving. Some casual styles are on the agenda for next week.

For your sacred space: solid Jatoba wood tea tables (24x13, 7" tall) cured with beeswax and jojoba oil,  mini teacups with little Koi fish at the bottom, hand carved statuettes and boxes, organic teas and incense, iron teapots and teapot warmers, beeswax candles, incense holders and DoTerra essential oils.  Come in and browse.  

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Join us the 3rd Saturday of the month, 7:30-9:30p. This season we're honoring classic films from the 30s & 40s. 
Oct 15:  Grand Hotel,1932   
Stars John Barrymore, Greta Garbo, Lionel Barrymore, Joan Crawford and Wallace Beery. 
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