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 Jade Lady April News
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New to TaiChi and Meditation? Be sure to take advantage of our free classes on Saturday and Sunday, 9-10am. The more you practice, the more relaxation becomes part of your lifestyle.

Even though TaiChi is the new craze, Qigong is the easiest way to get a primo energy boost. You can get a boost from TaiChi, but it takes longer because you're learning both upper and lower body movements. Qigong builds and circulates your energy from the very beginning; and it's easy to follow along and let your mind take a vacation. The truth is, we believe so much in Qigong that all of our TaiChi classes begin with Qigong warmups.

8 Brocades for Health, 6-6:45am, Mon/Wed. Whole body healing with slow, graceful movements. 
Guided Meditation with Qigong, 6-6:45am, Fri. Enjoy peaceful seated meditation with guided imagery and gentle movements.

Qigong Basics , 11-11:45am, Tu/Th. A little direction, a little movement, and extended moments of quiet.
Internal Cultivation Qigong , 12-12:45pm, Wed. Learn ancient shamanic rituals and Qigong practices.
Core Conditioning, 12-12:45pm, Tu/Th. Improve your TaiChi! Gain stamina by perfecting martial postures with Qigong.

Protect-Prevent-Heal, 6-6:45pm, Mon/Wed. This program, the brainchild of Jitka Storm, develops a healing profile for each client.
8 Brocades for Health, 7-7:45pm Wed, or 6-6:45pm Fri. Whole body healing with slow, graceful movements. 

Lynn Pillion will teach a very soothing Qigong form called: Seven Movements of the Sky Fisherman. These movements are a beautiful metaphor for a fisherman harvesting Qi from the night sky. Still working out dates. Call Lynn for details: (907) 854-6622.

Tic-Toc: Head-to-Toe Isolations & Combinations , 2-5:00pm, Sunday, April 23. Join Nicole Yvonne for 3 hours of slinky drills. Explore sharp-to-smooth transitions, pop and lock movements, and unique combos. (For those with Dance classes, you may use two sessions to enroll.) 

Work stressing you out? Ask your boss to invite us to a meeting. We can show you some simple techniques to keep your wits in difficult situations. Contact us: (907) 562-2863 or Our mission is to improve business by creating healthy, happy staff.

Living with the Dao (Jing Dao) 
Cultivating Qi With LaoShih Holly

I recently returned from Sandy, Oregon where I attended Master Zhongxian Wu's Life Long Training Retreat ( Jing Dao ) Level 4. As always, after a week of intense cultivation, I feel energized and ready to share. 

At each year's retreat we experience different aspects of Chinese Wisdom Traditions to include Yin/Yang, 5-Elements, and Bagua (8 Trigrams) Theories; Trigram and YiJing (64 Hexagrams) Divination; Qi and Sound Healing; and Calligraphy & Talismans. Our Mediation and Qigong practices have included seated meditations for Tu Gu Na Xin and Five Dragons plus Qigong practices for Three Sources, Five Elements, Five Dragons, 28 Lunar Mansions, and the Venerable Tiger. 

There have been moments as I work to synthesize this knowledge and incorporate it into my daily practices that I wonder how all of these seemingly competing 'worldviews' shape Daoist Philosophy and influence my Tai Chi and Qigong. As I go deeper into my studies and personal cultivation I realize they're not 'competing' ideas, but all interwoven to form a rich tapestry of how to live life in accordance with nature. 

There are two concepts that have come to represent this in my life.  Jing Dao translates as "Living with the Dao." According to Master Wu, "The Chinese character Jing 經 also carries the meanings of JingLi 經歷 (walking through), JingYan 經驗 (experience), JingLun 經綸 (wisdom, knowledge), JingLuo 經絡 (meridians), JingLian 經煉 (refine), JingTian 經天 (the Heavenly Way), JingDian 經典 (classics), and JingChang 經常 (constant). The Dao is wordless. We can only access the true wisdom of the Dao through our own personal cultivation practice and heartfelt life experiences." 

DaoShima's mission for Jade Lady Meditation is to provide space that allows us to cultivate "a conscious, deliberate life". Together they both exemplify the idea that we can choose to live life in the moment, cherishing each experience. And furthermore, that by living life in harmony with nature we can more easily weave the threads of change, enriching our own personal tapestries.

So how do we live in harmony with nature? Chinese Wisdom Traditions tell us that all answers are within, that the macrocosm of the universe in reflected in the microcosm of humanity... as Above so is Below. Simply put, it is better to cultivate and practice than to not, but there are optimum ways to practice. Certain times of the day or season are better for harmonizing different organs and meridian systems, while some practices are more suited for different ailments. From a Feng Shui perspective, using different colors and numbers can also benefit your practice. 

To explore these concepts, I'm planning a seasonal workshop series focused on balancing life issues using 5-Element energies. Starting with the Element of Fire in May, I'll discuss the Summer Season from a 5-Element perspective, explore specific seated and standing practices that benefit the associated organs (Heart/Small Intestine yin/yang organ pairings) as well as foods, numbers, and essential oils that help balance Fire energy. 

Seasonal Workshop: Fire,  Saturday, May 6th, 2-4 pm.

Additional workshops, scheduled with the changing seasons, will follow in August (Metal), October (Earth), November (Metal), and February 2018 (Wood). I'm also offering a new class, Internal Cultivation Qigong , focusing on the Mt. Emei Sage Style Qigong teachings from Master Wu.

My 2017 began with a commitment to Cultivate Change in the New Year ( see my January article ). I'm happy to say I completed a 49-day Challenge in Shamanic Shaking and Daoist Closing before this year's retreat, and I'm currently working on two more 49-day Challenges for Venerable Tiger Qigong and Tiger Talisman practice (left). Living in the Dao with a consistent practice is a powerful way to deepen understanding of the principles of nature... through meditation, Tai Chi and Qigong.  

Jade Lady Meditation has a range of ongoing classes and workshops to help get you started, and knowledgeable practitioners who continually work to build a strong support community.

Please consider joining me on your Jing Dao path. 

Tiger Takeover,
LaoShih Holly

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