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 Jade Lady February News
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For you and your loved ones, Jade Lady is offering a great special on classes: 30 for $300! That's only $10 per class. And remember, you can always share with friends and family!  BUY NOW  *** For m ore Valentine specials, see Plum Blossom below.

Join us every Saturday and/or Sunday, 9-10am. No class Sunday, February 26  to provide space for Master Wu's all day workshops.

Join Jitka (founder of Protect-Prevent-Heal) Monday or Wednesday at 6pm for East/West movement fusion.  Details   Join DaoShima Wednesdays at 7pm or Fridays at 6pm for Meditative Qigong. Easy to follow movement, nothing to remember. Details

Spend concentrated time deepening your knowledge of Meditation, Qigong, and TaiChi. Click titles to learn more. Workshop Packages
February 4th,  Meditation Basics, 10:30am
February 11th,  Qigong Basics10:30am
February 11th, TaiChi for Arthritis/Fall Prevention2:00pm
February 18th, TaiChi Basics10:30am
February 25th, 10-Movement TaiChi, 10:30am

FIRE DRAGON QIGONG: 9:30-6pm.  The dragon is a symbol of great transformation and rebirth. Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong is a traditional form from the esoteric EMei ZhenGong tradition. Learn how  to promote Qi flow (vital energy) throughout the entire body. Fee: $250   ENROLL NOW
TAICHI PUSH HANDS: 6:15-8pm.The art of  TaiChi developed several thousand years ago as a martial art and a way to heal through personal cultivation. Learn this  inner cultivation method to walk "the way of peace" in everyday life.  Fee: $35   ENROLL NOW

To continue the study of Fire Dragon Qigong, Ryan will add a class on Tuesday, beginning in March, 7-7:45pm. Hidden Immortal TaiChi will continue on Tuesday, 7:45-8:30pm. (Those interested in Push Hands can stay later.)

WANT A PRESENTATION AT WORK? Ask your HR Director to contact us at: Our mission is to create healthy, happy staff... very good for  business!

DaoShima offers a 20-hour certification course every April. Increase your physical stamina, give directions and corrections, and learn adaptations for those with limited abilities. (Tuition includes free attendance in DaoShima's ongoing Qigong classes.)
Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong
Essential NeiGong for KungFu, Healing & Spiritual Transformation
By  Master Wu

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong ( HouLongJingGong) originates with the spirit of the dragon. As the Ancient Chinese noticed, the sparks of fire arise and swirl upward like a dancing dragon. Control of t his very important element, the symbol of life energy and the spirit of the body, has allowed humans to flourish all over the earth.

In Chinese culture, the dragon is an auspicious animal. It represents power, life energy, transformation, communication, connection, freedom, and the universal way. According to Chinese mythology, the dragon is the rainmaker, and it's magical powers allow it to change natural formations as it travels between Heaven and Earth. As dragons easily penetrate the impermeable,  they love making their home in the rocks.

In Qigong tradition, the Fire Dragon is a symbol of the internal alchemy processes that transform the physical body, providing a balanced state to recover, restore, and maintain well being. Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong is an ancient method of transforming areas of stagnation in all layers of the body. Practicing this form everyday will strengthen and balance your body, mind, and spirit. Through practice, you will bring your three best medicines - Jing, Qi, and Shen - together in harmony. This practice will enhance your life energy, release stagnation, and transform disease.

Through this workshop you will: 
  • Understand the Daoist concept of 'Qi as medicine' and the principle of Qi healing 
  • Practice the Thunder Mantra to ignite the inner fire in the lower DanTian 
  • Learn the complete Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong form 
  • Refine and transform Qi in the Twelve Organ Meridians
  • Experience using external Qi for healing 
Master Zhongxian Wu is the recognized master of multiple Qigong, Taiji and martial art lineages. Since 1988, he has taught uniquely designed courses to beginning and advanced practitioners, as well as patients seeking healing; and is the author of several books on classical Chinese arts. He resides with his wife in Stockholm, Sweden, where they 
preserve and promote classical Chinese arts through QinJian Akademin AB.

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