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 Jade Lady January News
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MAKE A RESOLUTION to be a regular! On-going students... please contribute to our community by attending. New students arrive each week and truly appreciate meeting "you who have gone before". Keep the circle going!  Saturday and/or Sunday, 9-10 am. 

Join DaoShima Fridays at 6:00 pm for a relaxing and invigorating Qigong form. Just come and follow, no need to remember anything. Melt away the challenges and frustrations of the week under our Bigger Dipper blue lights. Come to prepare yourself for a wonderful weekend that's dedicated to self, friends and family. 

Weekend workshops are a great introduction if you're just starting out in the world of Meditation and TaiChi. If you are a weekly student, workshops provide an opportunity  to learn new concepts and personalize your daily practice. While classes tend to focus on choreography, workshops go deeper, helping you connect Daoist philosophy to your personal cultivation.

Master Wu is at Jade Lady all day Sunday, February 26!! This is a great opportunity for you to study with a world renowned Daoist leader. Master Wu is a lineage holder of four traditional schools of internal cultivation. Make an effort to attend this powerful learning experience.  Signup Link    

Lynn Pillion and DaoShima have been making visits to Anchorage Health Care Providers for the past two months to share Jade Lady's Wellness Program. The reception has been remarkable! It's heartening to know health care staff are so interested in managing stress with Meditation and TaiChi. WANT A PRESENTATION AT YOUR WORK? Have your HR Director contact us: Our practices create healthy, happy staff... very good for  business!

REMINDER... DaoShima's Qigong Certification will be each weekend in April (20 hours offered, 16 required). Increase your physical stamina, experience giving directions and corrections, and learn adaptations for those with limited abilities. Tuition also covers attendance in DaoShima's ongoing Qigong classes. ( Details )
Cultivating Change in the New Year
By  LaoShih Holly

With the New Year upon us, my inner thoughts turn toward my vision of 2017... and my goals for professional development, personal improvement, strengthening of familial bonds, safety and community for my hometown of Anchorage, the success of our studio, and prosperity and peace for my state, my country and the world.

It's easy to get caught up in the spirit of resolutions. As I rein myself in, lest I set myself up for disappointment, my thoughts turn to the teachings of Master Zhongxian Wu in which he discusses the concept of polishing your Heart-Mirror.  

In Daoism, spirit (Shen) is represented through the heart-mind connection.  In ancient China, polished bronze plates were prized as mirrors. Over time, the plates became tarnished, covered by the Red Dust, losing their reflective properties. Likewise, we all have thoughts, actions and habits, Red Dust, that doesn't serve us. The Red Dust clouds our Heart-Mirror. So instead of lining up resolutions for the New Year, I prefer to think in terms of what actions will polish my Heart-Mirror.  My personal practice has served as an effective way to cultivate change. Whether I meditate or practice Qigong and Tai Chi, I make time every day to connect with my breath. 

I encourage you to consider a 49-day challenge to go deep into your own personal practice, journaling consistently every day. Jade Lady has a range of classes and workshops, knowledgeable practitioners to get you started, and a strong community for support.

My personal cultivation began with a New Year and an invitation from a friend. The journey has been filled with exciting, mystical, challenging, awakening, inspiring and humbling experiences. I would like to extend such an invitation to you for this New Year. Join me for Free Community Tai Chi each Saturday, 9:00-10:00 am, or attend my Internal Alchemy Workshop on Saturday, January 7, 2:00-4:00pm. ( Workshop details).

The New Year is a magical time to make a commitment to yourself. Let go of what does not serve your purpose or bring you joy. Strip away the Red Dust and let your Heart-Mirror shine!

With Qi,  LaoShih Holly
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