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 Jade Lady March News
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New to TaiChi and Meditation? Be sure to take advantage of our free classes on Saturday and Sunday, 9-10am. The more you practice, the more relaxation becomes part of your lifestyle.

This 20-hour course gives you excellent direction and feedback on how to teach energy arts. PLUS it builds your physical stamina and mental focus. Tuition includes attendance in DaoShima's ongoing Qigong classes. Course limited to eight. RESERVE YOUR SPACE WITH A DEPOSIT BY MARCH 25.  LEARN MORE

DaoShima has back-to-back classes Tuesday and Thursday:
Qigong Basics , 11-11:45am, Tu/Th. A little direction, a little movement, and extended moments of quiet.
Core Conditioning, 12-12:45pm, Tu/Th. Improve your art! Gain stamina by perfecting relaxed martial postures.
Lynn Pillion offers TaiChi for Health, as certified by Dr. Paul Lam:
TaiChi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention, 11-11:45pm, Wed. Based on Sun-style, this form specifically improves posture, balance, joint mobility, flexibility, and muscular strength.
TaiChi for Rehabilitation, 1-1:45pm, Wed. Assists in your recovery from disease, surgery, injury, or overall tiredness.
LaoShih Holly offers Daoist Meditation and Beginners TaiChi:
Internal Cultivation, 12-12:45pm, Wed. STARTS MARCH 29. Learn ancient shamanic shaking, rituals & 5-Elements Qigong.
10-Movement TaiChi, 12-12:45pm, Fri. Learn TaiChi one movement at a time, with each movement repeated several times to gain proficiency.

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong, 7-7:45pm, Tue. This form uses self-acupuncture, healing sounds, therapeutic postures, and mind intent to  transform blockages and encourage health and harmony.

Fusion Bellydance: Medusa , 2-5:00pm, Sunday, March 19. Join Nicole Yvonne for 3 hours of serpentine bliss! Learn layering drills, balance practice, and floor work to help you slink through life. (For those with Dance classes, you may use two sessions to enroll.) 

Join our Wellness Program and save! Have your boss contact us at: Our mission is to create healthy, happy staff... very good for  business!

Why Should I Study Qigong?
By DaoShima

I learned the notion of 'Being and Becoming' in college and I often look at my life in those terms. 'Being' can be comfortable... like a soft blanket and hot cocoa. But when it starts to feel like a rut, it's time for another paradigm shift. So about halfway through 'Being', I inevitably begin sewing seeds for my next 'Becoming'.  

As a youth, the exhilaration of 'Becoming' is exciting. Not knowing what comes next engenders a sense of adventure. We laugh and play come what may. But as the rules of socialization take root, we opt for the seeming rationality of a regular, predictable life.  

But although the external environment changes... marriage, a job, bills, kids... it doesn't mean the internal environment keeps pace. If we're in the process of 'Being' too long, we become bored and feel there isn't much purpose to life. On the other hand, the state of 'Becoming' places us in flux, an often tumultuous time of moving from one paradigm to another. 

The theory of Yin and Yang show us how two forces work to create ebbs and flows in life. If we accept that life is about change and that we never really know what comes next, we are more open to the Being (Yin) and Becoming (Yang) process. In this manner we can proactively connect to the state that is appropriate for our current circumstances. F rom an energetic perspective, we allow the spirit-self to direct our path and next evolution.

The practice of Qigong moves and regulates the body's Qi (internal energy), maintaining a state of vibrant energy which helps us in many ways. We are able to clearly state how we feel. We stop putting ourself in energy-robbing situations. We feel excited to do new things without internal criticism. We come to like ourself and really enjoy "me" time. We become a better parent, spouse, friend, boss, and employee. We are more present in each moment and less fearful of doing or saying sometime wrong. We are more content with our life and excited for our next adventure.

Brighten your day! Practice Qigong :)
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