Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 14 
Name: Jason "A-Train" Kimball

Age: 44

Local Program:Manchester

Athletics, basketball, bocce, bowling & golf

I am a funny person who likes to laugh A LOT!

My nickname is A-Train but Jamie Staton calls me Big Al. I love it when people call me by my nickname!

Basketball is my favorite sport. It motivates me to work hard and work on my skills.  It is a fast paced game, you have to run, dribble, shoot, play defense throughout the game. I always get pumped up before games and practices.

I also really enjoy bowling. It is a great sport to make new friends.

Name: Eliza Dodd

Age: 31

Local Program: Dover

  Basketball & swimming

Swimming is one of the many sports that I enjoy. I love being in the water! My two favorite types of strokes that I really like are the breast stroke and the back stroke. When I am swimming, I feel so happy!  Swimming is all about passion and doing your best.

In 2014 I was selected to be on Team New Hampshire at the USA Games in New Jersey.  While I was got home, I was asked to talk about the summer games for news stations. I was on Channel 9 news and Channel 25 news and talked about how much fun I had in New Jersey and competing. I felt like a celebrity!