Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 21       

Name: Pam Langille

Age: 36

Local Program: Concord Golden Eagles

Athletics, basketball, bowling, cross country skiing & golf

Pam Langille just returned from the World Winter Games in Austria as a Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger (IGM). Pam is one of 12 International Global Messengers in the world! Her responsibility as an IGM is to be an advocate for the five million Special Olympics athletes around the world. This year, while in Austria, she had many responsibilities including two speaking engagements.  Pam spoke at the Schladming Splash, where 133 law enforcement officers from all over the world plunged into freezing waters. Additionally, Pam spoke at a thank you reception for all of the volunteers and officials associated with the games.  Over 1,300 were in attendance and Pam got to speak about her experience as a Special Olympics athlete. Pam said, "Overall it was a pretty awesome experience getting to meet new people and experience new things." Being an International Global Messenger has provided Pam with unforgettable opportunities to travel the world, meet celebrities and other amazing athletes from all corners of the globe while talking about how Special Olympics has changed so many lives...including hers!
Name: Nick Koenig

Age: 26

Local Program: PLUS Pride

Athletics, bowling, snowshoeing & swimming

Nick Koenig grew up watching his four siblings compete in sports and one day told his mom that he wanted to do what they were doing. He started Special Olympics in 4th grade, participating in swimming.

Nick really enjoys attending all the practices and always wants to try something new. Today, Nick competes in bowling, athletics and snowshoeing. He really enjoys athletics at UNH, where he participates in the relay, his favorite part is passing the baton to his teammates.

Nick is a very enthusiastic person and knows that it is not all about winning but making people feel good about themselves. At competitions, Nick is easy to find as he is always cheering, "Go! Go! Go!" for all the athletes.

When asked about Special Olympics, Nick's mom said, "He has turned into such a confident and amazing person! It is remarkable to see him overcome so much and still put others before himself."