Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 24       
Name: Ben Langlois

Age: 18

Local Program: Keene Parks & Recreation


Ben first got involved with NHIAA Unified Basketball at Keene High School when he was 15 years old. Ben really enjoyed participating in basketball and decided to join Special Olympics.

Ben has a great love for the game of basketball.  In 2014 he was selected to be part of Team New Hampshire to compete at the USA Games in New Jersey.  The competition was tough; they played against teams from Minnesota, Arkansas and Texas, and during his first game Ben picked up three quick fouls and realized that he needed to play smarter. Ben said, "It was an amazing experience and it was great bonding with the team; we went on a boat cruise and out to dinner." His team worked hard and came home with a gold medal!

When asked about his Special Olympics involvement, Ben said, "People have accepted me for who I am.  My peers accept me and see that I am talented."

Name: Nathan Torrey

Age: 40

Local Program: Connecticut River Valley Special Olympics

Bocce, cross country skiing, bowling and athletics

Through Special Olympics, Nathan has been challenged by his coaches and teammates to always push to his full potential because when you give it your all, you will never be disappointed in yourself. A couple years ago, Nathan was competing at the State Summer Games at UNH in the 15 meter walk. He said, "During the race, I pushed myself to my limit and worked really hard and I won the race and had the gold medal put around my neck." He dedicated that medal to his grandmother, who passed away that year.  Nathan really enjoys competing in the games especially during the summer because he enjoys being in the sunshine and the warm weather.

Nathan has learned that hard work does pay off. Being part of Special Olympics allows him to be more active and social to make new friends whom he gets to hang out with on a regular basis. He said, "At Special Olympics, you will have the best time of your life, and you are around so many new people and they will never judge you."