Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 25      
Name: Nancy Foote

Age: 42

Local Program: Manchester

Basketball & bowling

Nancy loves the thrill of competing and tries her hardest to win. She especially loves athletics.  Her favorite event is the 4 x 100M relay where she is usually the first or second runner on her relay team and always tries to go as fast as she can!

Nancy said, "I am so proud of myself and I always try my best. Special Olympics taught me how to be a good teammate."  During competition, she supports her team by yelling, "Go team, Go! Go! Go!" and if she sees anyone fall down, she will help them back up. While Nancy loves to compete, winning isn't everything.  Nancy says that being a great friend to other athletes and a role model that younger athletes can look up too are most important.

Name: Becky May

Age: 39

Local Program: Keene Parks & Recreation

Bowling, basketball and bocce

Becky started in Special Olympics when she was just four years old!  Becky participated in the Young Athletes Program where children under eight learn sports skills like kicking and throwing through play.  Once Becky turned eight, she started competing in Special Olympics in athletics. As Becky got older, her involvement with Special Olympics expanded to include basketball, bowling and bocce.

Special Olympics has taught Becky to work hard and give back to others, which she does through the Penguin Plunge.  Becky has Plunging for 10 years!  Becky travels across the state raising funds for SONH.  "When I receive a donation it make me feel good," Becky said, "I am not asking for a lot of money, even three dollars is great because every little bit matters to the athletes.  Special Olympics has helped me and I feel pride in helping them!" This year Becky raised $18,555 for Special Olympics New Hampshire and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean wearing her famous penguin suit!

"Special Olympics has brought so much happiness to my life.  Now it is my turn to help Special Olympics be successful so that new athletes can enjoy it."