Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 7 
Name: Amanda Coviello

Age: 29

Local Program: Capital Area Cougars

  Alpine skiing, bowling, equestrian & swimming

My favorite sport is Equestrian. Horses have always been my favorite animal.  I always want to be around them.

I have been riding horses since I was 12 years old. When I am riding, I always practice my posture because practice makes perfect and it helps be prepared for when I compete. 

Doing equestrian has also taught me a lot about being responsible because I have to make sure that my horse is properly taken care of. I have to brush my horse, walk it in the ring to give it exercise and make sure that all the equipment is ready to go and safe. When I am riding I always feel so happy.
Name: Pat Bolieau

Age: 57

Local Program: Manchester

Sports: Athletics, basketball, bowling & golf

My favorite sport is golf. I really enjoy it because I love being outside - especially when it isn't super hot out!  Being outside in the sunshine and feeling the sun on my face always puts me in a great mood.

I play Unified Golf and my partner is Mark Aaron. I go to practice Monday night and other times when both Mark and I are free. We go to the driving range to hit balls off the tee and then after we practice putting from different angles on the green. My favorite part is teeing off; it is a symbol that the game is starting. Sometimes, I like to watch golf on TV; I especially enjoy watching Tiger Woods tee off in tournaments.