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Happy January.  In just one week...

Smart Activists Fight Smart Meters
Cell Hell
WIFI Not Welcome
Cell Towers Losing Power
Other EMF Nightmares
One for the Bad Guys
Radiation Nation/S
The Internet of Stings
Beautiful Moments
Fortunately, Rain or Shine, it Continues to Snowden
"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
An Education On the Greatest Scam Artists in the History of the World
"To Protect and Serve"
Watering Down the World
Chemical Crimes
Scientifically Speaking - Or Not
GMO No, No, No!!!
Miscellaneous Misgivings
Animals, Who Needs 'Em?
Just For Fun

Smart Activists Fight Smart Meters

Worcester, Massachusetts Puts Smart Grid Tower on Hold!

More Awesome Footage from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Protest

Alex Jones Airs FCC Protest

Oakland Voices Reach Out to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler at Town Hall

Video Evidence of Arizona Utility LYING About Smart Meter Pulses

Hackers Targeting Smart Home Appliances

Excellent Rebuttal by HaltMASmartMeters.org to DOE's Push for Smart Grid in Massachusetts

To Help MA in Their Smart Meter Battle You Can Write a Comment Here

Letter from Arizona Attorney Against Texas PUC Smart Meter Report

Google's Impact on the Smart Grid

Smart Meters, The Gateway to Time of Use Rates

"Gamification" - A Key Component in Utility Customer Engagement

Naperville "Borrowing" $30,000,000 to Keep Electric Co. Afloat

DOE Introducing Energy Ratings for Homes, Similar to MPG Ratings for Cars

Smart Interview with Engrid Dickson and Mike Mitchum

Angela Flynn, from "Community Camera" Discusses Smart Meters in Hawaii

Review of Take Back Your Power, Film Warns Viewers of Smart Grid Dangers

Cell Hell

Petition, please sign...
Stop Exposing Children to Radiation from WIFI and 4G in Schools Until Proven Harmless

Cell Towers Losing Power

Mobile Companies Must Follow India's New Guideline Including approx. 300 foot Setback from Schools, Hospitals and Residences

Petition, please sign...
To All Governments of the World, Please Stop Exposing the Population to LTE 4G Until Proven Safe

Other EMF Nightmares

Police May Use Radio Waves to Bring Cars to a Halt

"Tracking Point gun should be prohibited in the civilian world because a criminal could use it and potentially remain undetected from a faraway distance."
Introducing the US Army Precision Guided Smart Rifle

Google's Reach Expands Into Your Home Via 3.2 Billion Dollar "Nest" Acquisition

A hacker's dream..."Meet a new exhibitor? Tap your show badge to an NFC-enabled smartphone, and you've just given them your contact information. No more fumbling with business cards or having to type in email addresses before you move on to your next meeting."
NFC Badges Deliver "Tap to Interact" Experiences

The geniuses behind this experiment apparently forgot to take into account that bees use magnetite to get around and are highly affected by microwaves, enough so for EMFs to be considered a large part of Colony Collapse Disorder.
5,000 Bees Chilled, Shaved and Microchipped In Australian Study to Prevent Killer Diseases

Interview with Cindy Sage on Bioinitiative Report

HUGE Link on Electronic Torture


One for the Bad Guys

Federal Court Sides with Telecom in Game Changing Ruling, Dealing Major Blow to Internet Freedom

Please sign this VERY important petition!!
Net Neutrality is DEAD

Radiation Nation/S

Radioactive Japanese Cars Banned From Entering Russia

Radioactive Plumes ALWAYS Coming Out of Unit 3

Defying Japan, Rancher Saves Fukushima Radioactive Cows

I guess if governments don't care about nuclear radiation, why on God's earth would they care about wireless radiation?
Video Report of Homeless Japanese Being Used to Clean Up Fukushima

"This is outrageous...Homeless Being Sold to Companies to Work at Fukushima"
Forbes Article on Yakuza Recruiting Homeless for Fukushima Clean Up

Fukushima Radiation Hits SF Beach Expert: Don't Let Babies or Kids Eat the Sand, But Propoganda Statements say 1,400 times normal amount of radiation NOTHING to do with Fukushima

NPR and CA Dept. of Public Health Work Together with TEPCO to Disseminate Propaganda on Fukushima Fall Out

Fukushima May have Release 90 Quadrillion Becquerels of Sesium 137

Jeff Rense Interviews Expert on Fukushima - No Sardines Left in the Pacific - Ocean Echo System Collapsing

This is an Absolutely Harrowing Report of Nuclear Waste Disposal in Los Angeles and Other Ca Areas

Trial of Anti Nuclear Activists Ends in Unusual Sentence

Attorneys and Plaintiffs Speak out on TEPCO Misleading US Volunteer Rescuers
Video from EON, on US Marines Suing TEPCO for Misleading Them on Radiation Induced Carcinogens and Illnesses

Older video interview from 2009...
Video "Experimental Animals" (Why Atomic Vets Nix Nukes)


Washington State Bill to CRIMINALIZE Help to NSA and to Turn Off Their Resources at One of Their Facilities

Tenth Amendment Center Interview on CA to Bring Bill to Make NSA Surveillance Illegal in CA

How to Fight Back Against the NSA, One State at a Time
How to Find Your State Legislator
Here is the Group that is Helping Organize this
Get Flyers to Help Spread the Word

Anti-NSA Blackphone- Encrypted Smartphone Designed to Liberate Users from Total Surveillance

The Internet of Stings

2 New Google Settings to Watch Out For

Google's Reach Expands Into Your Home Via 3.2 Billion Dollar "Nest" Acquisition

Beautiful Moments

Could I make this up?  No, I am not that imaginative.
US Navy Mistakenly Sends Reporter "How To" Memo On Dodging FOIA Requests

China Starts Televising Sunrise On Giant TC Screens Because Bejing Smog is So Heavy

Fortunately, Rain or Shine, it Continues to Snowden

Please sign the Asylum in Brazil for Edward Snowden Petition

Snowden and the Final Purpose of the Surveillance State

"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

Partnership Between Face Book and Police Could Make Planning Protests More Difficult

Judge Sides with Asbestos Co., Cuts Liability by Over 1 Billion

"...the government was acting as an arm of the gas industry"
Emails Reveal UK Government Helped Gas Industry Manage Fracking Opposition

US Blogger Incarcerated Against the Rules of 1st Amendment of Free Speech and the US Law of the Constitution

IRS Attempts to Muzzle 501c4 Organizations From Talking About Politics

An Education On the Greatest Scam Artists in the History of the World

Video Background on the Banking Cartel

List of Banks Owned by the Rothschilds

"To Protect and Serve"

This from Oct. but VERY important...
Soldiers being asked to fire on US citizens...Officer cries while talking about the shredding of the Constitution and how the National Guard has been taken over by Homeland Security with instructions to fire on Americans...
EMERGENCY ALERT:  Soldiers Warn of Gun Confiscation

US Navy Confirms 20,000 Gallons of Leaked Fuel May Have Contaminated Drinking Water

US Army Tested Biological Weapons in Okinawa, (and Hawaii, Utah and Puerto Rico)

Watering Down the World

Tens of Thousands of Acres of Farmland Devoured by Rising Tide in Caribbean Lake

Sacramento Enacts Severe Water Rationing Ordinance with Police Enforcement

Gov. Brown Calls for State of Emergency Water Rationing for Severe CA Drought Whilst Allowing Gas Co's to Frack Remaining Under Ground Water and River Beds

Pregnant in West Virginia?  Government Advises Don't Drink the Water

West Virginia Ignored Plan for Tougher Chemical Oversight

Toxic Chemicals in Children's Clothes Explained

"It was confronting to see a penis on a female, but what was most confronting was that it was so prevalent."
Gender Bending Snails Recover As Toxic Paint TBT Is Banned

Scientifically Speaking - Or Not

Silence of the Labs

Researchers Show How Mindfulness and Your Thoughts Can Induce Specific Molecular Changes to Your Genes

Fabulously Animated Look at the Science Behind a Virus

Arctic Sea Ice Cracks Attract Toxic Mercury

EPA Says Oil Firm Endangered Health of Los Angeles Residents

"Aircopalypse" Smog Hits Bejing at Dangerous Levels

Law for Empowerment, The Power of Paper

John Rappoport's Take on Obama's Big Plan to Overhaul the NSA

Animals, Who Needs 'Em?

To my recollection, the West African Black Rhino went extinct about a month ago in this same region. 
West African Lion to Go Extinct

Trust Funds for Namibia's Black Rhino Conservation Raises Money to "Help Save the Black Rhino" by Killing Black Rhinos
Chance to Kill One of Last Surviving Black Rhinos Auctioned Off for $350,000

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work...
The Slaughter of the Innocents - US Plans to Poison 16,000 Prarie Dogs and Whatever Other Creature Eats the Poison or the Poisoned Prarie Dog

100,000 Fish Found - Entire Stock Found Dead In Nevada Lake and Deemed a "Mystery"

EPA - Pebble Mine (Gold and Copper) Poses Risk to Alaskan Salmon

A Noisy Ocean, Stressed Out Whales

Just For Fun

VERY Interesting vid from a Play Station Game.  This android actually made me cry.
This is All Too Real Looking/Sounding and I Believe May be Coming to an Online Store or Even Regular Store Near You Soon!

This is the CUTEST DOGGIE on the Planet!!!  He Speaks English...Or At Least One Very Important Word...NO!!!

Have a HARD WIRED week!

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Free Press, International Interiors Inc., Common Dreams, Naperville Smart Meter Awareness, Olle Johansson, Mary Beth Brangan, Iris Atzmon, Deborah Taveris, Paul Doyon, Eyzatia, Laddie Lawdings, Marilynne Martin, Angela Flynn, Bonnie Menth, Robert Reidlinger, Warren Woodward


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