SocialBigBang.ca is an effective 3 month Social Media & Online Marketing course.   Other then the first day, you can take the course at your own pace and go as deep or wide as you like! 

It starts with a one day intense face to face class, Jan 23rd, which includes lectures, lunch, target practice, and local expert panels and support, followed by three months of Tutorials, Videos, eBooks & Certifications!   

The face to face class closest to you will be in Peterborough, on January 23rd, from 10am to 4pm.  We'll host you at the OFAH Heritage Centre

The location is wonderful, lots to see at the breaks and lunch.  We'll have a handful of local companies who can help you with all of your various Marketing needs.  If you like, during the tasty lunch break, OFAH will let you loose in their Target area if you like, both for guns and bow & arrows! 
We'll help you think of your strategy! We'll help you create your strategy! (Winston thinking about a strategy on how to out shoot me I think!)

Jan 23, 2013 AGENDA:
  • 10am Strategy, Social Leadership, Social Measures
  • 11am Extending your Reach and Social Campaigns.  
  • Noon Social Growth, Monitoring & Measuring.
  • 1pm Lunch, talk to local Marketing experts at booths & target practice.
  • 2pm What's New in Social Media
  • 3pm Panels of Local Social Media Experts
  • 4pm End the class. Start your 3 Month Course & Support Materials  
3 Month Course, you'll receive access to:
  • The Videos from the One Day Session
  • Constant New Video Tutorials
  • 9 Modules to complete  
  • eBooks
  • Online Certification
Winston Bromley and I have joined forces to bring you the MOST effective and all encompassing Online Marketing three month course.

Find out how much more powerful your online presence - and all your marketing
can be.  Let us help your hit your online targets!
We'll help you hit your Social target!  
To find out more details or to sign up please go to
If you are a Peterborough Chamber Member OR a Rotarian,
OR a WBN Member,
please click on the down arrow
near the bottom of the screen 
to receive your $50 discount.

The fee for your three month course is only $297 (unless you are a Chamber, WBN or Rotary Member, it's $247).  We will donate $50 to Rotary for each attending Rotarian!

All the best in 2013.

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