Think things are quiet during the winter? 
 Not a chance!

Midwinter Greetings

Most of our farms are fields of ice and snow but that doesn't mean that winter has driven farmers into hibernation. Unlike bears, farmers are busy making plans for the next growing season, whether it's planning for the summer CSA, manning the farmers' market booth or hitting up conferences and expos. Check out what's going on in local agriculture and conservation. 
Choosing a CSA

What is a CSA and why should you get one? We try to answer some of the most common questions over at  NHFN
52 Barns in 52 Weeks

Nothing says farm like an old barn, but NH has been losing them at a rapid rate due to age and disrepair. The NH Preservation Alliance has made it their mission to save 52 barns this year, hopefully preserving these historic buildings for future generations

Commissioner's Column on NHPA's Mission
Winter Farmers' Markets

Many communities host winter farmers' markets. Although there might not be as much produce as at the summer markets, they are still packed with local flavor and products, especially meat and cheese. Go check out upcoming markets or look up your local to see when and where a winter farmer's market will be in your neighborhood. 

NH Meat and Dairy

Humans naturally crave rich foods during the winter months and NH farms can deliver. Lots of supermarkets and co-ops are carrying local dairy but if you don't have one near you, check out the links below for some other options. 

NH Livestock Directory

34th Annual NH Farm and Forest Expo

The Farm and Forest Expo will be at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester NH, Friday and Saturday February 17th and 18th. Come see us at booth 5-10. 
Warm Up on a Cold Evening

Few things are as comforting as a hearty beef stew on a cold winters night. We're lucky enough to have farmers that raise their beef right here in New Hampshire. Try grabbing some beef at a farmers' market and try it out!

Simple New Hampshire Beef Stew
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