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Newsletter - August  2017

The concrete sub-floor of the new barn
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September 17, 2017
Lexington, MA

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November 11 & 12, 2017
Conway, MA
Details to be announced
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Since last month's newsletter, we've seen considerable progress on our new barn. The foundation and the concrete sub-floor that will house our workshop are complete, and the frame is expected to arrive before the end of the week. Jan and I have begun to organize tools, materials, and stock for the move into the basement workshop area, where they'll stay until the upper floors are completed.

As announced last month, our November show will take place on the advertised weekend. But we've decided to move it to another important Conway structure - this one in the center of town.

As you scroll down this page, you'll find links to more information about both of these. We're not listing new stock this month, since we're keeping the lid on our exciting new finds here and in England. These will be on display at our November show and in our November Newsletter. We're hoping to be in the new barn in time for a Grand Re-opening next May, but we'll keep our website active and informative in the interim. 

New barn - preparations continue

Since last month the foundation and floor have been poured. The components of the massive frame are still in New Salem, but we expect them to be delivered to Conway by the end of the week. Click the picture for more.
A new venue for our Fall Show

After considering several alternative locations for our November show, we've settled on this Conway landmark less than half a mile from our home. We've been warmly welcomed and we're very excited about the opportunity to present our next Conway show downtown!
Click here for details.
Antiques at The Depot
September 17, 2017

This little one-day show organized by Marvin Getman and the Lexington Historical Society is back on the calendar. We will be there. C lick the picture f or more information. 
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The Back Page

It's axiomatic that the construction of a new building attracts onlookers. Our barn is no exception; visitors are literally dropping out of the sky, as this month's Back Page shows.
As always, thanks for keeping in touch.
John and Jan