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Newsletter - February  2018

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May 6 & 7, 2018

In our new shop
in Conway
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Front doors hung! T he pace accelerates.

Work on our new barn is progressing rapidly, and this newsletter contains pictures of the work done during January.  We're confident that our May Post-England Show will be held in the new barn, and we're making every effort to make it ready by the end of March.

This month's newsletter contains a few new listings of furniture, jewelry, and accessories.  We're adding two shows to our 2018 calendar, and they're linked below, as well.

We hope you'll have a look.

February's  New Listings

This month we're listing a few new pieces: this centennial joint stool, a great carved coffer, several pieces of early jewelry, and a few choice accessories.

Just click on the joint stool to see what's new.
The interior begins to take shape

Insulation, wiring, and that most longed-for improvement: heat. Although somewhat lacking as photo opps, these changes are very exciting to us. Click the picture above for a few pictures of  last   month's  progress. 
Two additions to our 2018 calendar

We've been invited to participate in the Orleans, MA Historical Society show on June 16th, and we've decided to give it a try. It should be a pleasure to be on the Cape for a couple of days.

Marvin Getman has decided to move his January Wilmington show to December 8 & 9. This show will replace both the January Wilmington show and his two Lexington shows. We're confident that the new date and the old venue - Shriner's Auditorium in Wilmington - will add up to success.

For a complete listing of our 2018 show schedule, click here.
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We recently took a short vacation in Paris, augmented by some buying in England. We had been concerned about the flooding of the Seine, but were hardly prepared for the record-breaking snowstorm that engulfed the city. Okay, by New England standards it was just a dusting, but a mere three inches slowed the city to a crawl. Fortunately, it also provided a few magnificent opportunities for photos.  Click here to see my favorite. 
This newsletter marks the beginning of our fifteenth year of uninterrupted monthly mailings. Your willingness to engage with us on a regular basis has made an enormous change in the way we think about our business and our customers. As always, we thank you for your interest in us and what we do.
John and Jan