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Newsletter - July  2017

Tons of stone, dirt, and clay removed to provide footing
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September 17, 2017
Lexington, MA

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November 11 & 12, 2017
Conway, MA
Details to be announced
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Since last month's newsletter, we've seen a lot of Nick Potter, the excavator on our new barn project. He's moved many tons of huge stones and has shaped the earth beneath Jabez Newhall's barn to make a strong base upon which to build John and Jan's. We expect the footings to be poured within the week.

We exhibited on the 4th at Tiverton, and it was good to get back into the antiques world. We'll be at Lexington on September 17, after which we'll return to England. We've been buying at home and abroad, and our inventory is growing in preparation for our November show here in Conway.

Since our new shop will not be completed by November, we've decided to hold our fall show in our current workshop and on our porch. With any luck at all, the basement of the new building will be ready for us to move into a new workshop, which will allow us to empty our old woodshop and spruce (no pun intended) it up for the event. We are reasonably confident that our Spring 2018 show will celebrate the opening of the new barn.

As you scroll down the page, you'll find links to this month's new listings, a progress report on the construction preliminaries, a few pictures taken at the Tiverton show, and the story of the Walkway Over the Hudson, which was inadvertently  omitted from last month's newsletter.

We hope you'll have a look.
New listings for this month

We're returning listings to the website as soon as we can get them cleaned up. This painting by Malte Fredriksson is one of several paintings newly online. There's also an early oak one-drawer table, a few smalls, and several new jewelry listings. Click the painting if you'd fancy a look.
Our new barn - getting started

The first of the timbers that will support our new barn. We expect footings and foundation to be poured within a few days. For pictures of some of the preliminaries, click the picture.

Tiverton - back in business

We chose this relaxed little show near the Rhode Island coast as our first sales outing since the tornado, and we're glad we did. Beautiful day, good crowd, and nice pictures.  Click the Tiverton sign to see a few.

The Walkway Over the Hudson

We recently walked over this inspiring bridge over the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie, crossing back on the Mid-Hudson Bridge a few hundred yards south. Perhaps the photos you'll see if you click the picture above will inspire you to visit one of New York's best-kept secrets. And, it's free!

Pippin's Page  
Never does our little Bengal reveal his jungle roots more than on the hottest days of summer. While we look for relief from the heat, Pippin seeks out the warmest places in the house, as in this month's photograph, taken last month. Just click his nose to see it.
The Back Page

This month, pictures of a few of the birds who've been watching the building process with us. Nothing spectacular - just summer in the country. Click here.
As always, thanks for keeping in touch.
John and Jan