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Newsletter - June  2017

The footprint of our barn, being prepared for its replacement
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Tiverton Four Corners Antiques Show
Tiverton, RI
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September 17, 2017
Antiques at The Depot
Lexington, MA
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Signs of rebirth

It has been almost four months since the historic barn that had nurtured our business through three decades was destroyed by the freak tornado that nearly took our lives as well. As we've said many times, we have decided to replace that iconic structure with one better suited to our lifestyle and those of future occupants. We plan to carry on with our lives and our business. We're happy to say that the insurance companies to which we paid hefty premiums for many years have responded in kind; our inventory losses have been compensated, and our plans for a smaller, more manageable structure will be underwritten by our principal insurer.

In this month's newsletter, we're happy to bring our readers up to date on the latest developments. Our plans have been approved, and the team, led by Steve Striebel of Warwick Carpenters Company, that will create the new home of Jan and John Maggs Antiques has already begun the process. You'll find a link below to the latest pictures, including Jan's sketches of the exterior.

We are also happy to announce that we plan to resume our schedule of shows with two undemanding outdoor shows: Tiverton on July 4, and Lexington on September 17. The year will conclude with the Wethersfield CT show on November 17 & 18. At this moment we are planning to hold our November post-England show on November 11 & 12, although its location is yet unknown. Don't we all enjoy a little surprise?

This month's newsletter also includes a completely serendipitous offering, unrelated to our business and the tornado, but inspired by a recent hike on the Walkway over the Hudson. Included also are a few new antique listings and the usual features.

We hope you'll take a moment to have a look.

New listings for this month

Now that our lost inventory has been reimbursed by insurance, we've begun to rebuild our stock. While this aspect of business is still slightly off-center, this month we feature a small group of previously unlisted things. Click HERE if you'd like to shop.
First Steps

After a seemingly interminable wait - normal for a project of this scope, but painfully slow for the two of us, who are genetically intolerant of delay - the removal of the old foundation and the preparation of the building site began last Friday, when Nick Potter, our excavator appeared with his bulldozer. His progress during the last four days has restored our hope for a timely conclusion to this grand project. Click the picture for the latest report.
Pippin's Page  
Since we are working from our temporary office in the house, rather than in our old office in the barn, Pippin has decided to spend his "spare" time where we are. This gives us opportunities to photograph him more regularly. Recently, Jan caught him at his most photogenic. Click his nose to see.
The Back Page

On Sunday, as Nick worked on the site for the new barn, our neighbors Chris and Mary harvested the first cutting from the mowing next to our house. The two yellow machines caught this photographers's eye. Click here to see the result.
As always, but now more than ever before, thanks for keeping in touch.
John and Jan