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Newsletter - May  2017

The old foundation, waiting to be reshaped for the future
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We initially decided to cancel all shows in 2017. Should we decide to resume sooner, we'll announced the decision in a subsequent issue of this newsletter .
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More than two months have passed since our barn was destroyed by the only February tornado ever recorded in Massachusetts. Each day, as we focus on the future of our lives and our business, we remind ourselves of our good fortune. A tasty cheese and a pint of local ale kept us from being in the barn when it crashed to the ground, and a distance of less than fifty yards spared our home. Our losses may be extreme, but our good fortune is immeasurable.

During the past months we've sifted through the hundreds of boxes and tubs that were pulled from the wreckage by friends, family, and neighbors during the days following the disaster. Although more than half of our furniture inventory was partially or completely destroyed, a few pieces have, astonishingly, survived unharmed, and others require only a few hours of repair and restoration. The same may be said of paintings, smalls, and carpets. Fortunately (again!), most jewelry inventory was not in the barn and consequently was undamaged.

We have been meeting with insurance adjusters to resolve claims for lost inventory and other business property, as well as family possessions that were stored in the barn. And, most importantly, we are working on plans to construct a new barn in place of the old. Days are long, but fulfilling, and the future appears bright.
What's next?

As you may have read, we have cancelled our shows for the immediate future. While we briefly considered holding our Spring Show in an alternate venue, the concept held little appeal for us, and the uncertain state of our inventory and the cancellation of our March/April trip to Europe made the decision for us. Each day holds far too many important decisions and deadlines to allow serious travel.

Plans for the barn that will become the new home of our business are moving ahead. We plan to build a classic English barn, with three bents arrayed parallel to the road, rather than perpendicular to it as before. The barn will occupy sixty percent of the old foundation and will have the profile of a saltbox as approached from the north. No one will confuse this new structure with the old, and its appearance will place it in the late 18th century - the age of our home - rather than in the 1860's as before. The main floor will be mostly display space, with an office on the north end. The basement will contain our workshop, with storage areas for furniture, and the second floor will house additional workspace, storage, and our library. The work will be done by some of the finest artisans in the area, and we expect to begin within the month.

We have made arrangements to travel to Holland and England in the fall. We plan to follow our usual itinerary and bring home a fair amount of fresh stock. Whether or not to hold a Fall Show at home will be determined by the progress on the new barn. At this time, it is simply too soon to tell.
New listings for this month

After the tornado struck, we removed most of our stock listings from our website, since the condition, often the very existence, of specific pieces was unknown. This month we are beginning to put some of our inventory back online, a process which we expect to continue during the next few months. A visit to any of our stock galleries will demonstrate this change. 

We have also added several things to our website that have not previously been online. These listings include a few rare period pieces, a group of newly listed landscapes by Dennis Sheehan, and several other pieces of utility and beauty. Click here to browse this month's selection.

We have also relisted several of the jewelry items offered only during the month of February. These may be seen through this link or by visiting our jewelry galleries.
Our new barn - moving forward
The aftermath of the tornado

Now, just over two months later, only the foundation remains. We expect to begin soon on the new structure that will house our business. Until it's finished, we'll give readers a progress report in each of our monthly newsletters. Click the picture for this month's installment.
Pippin's Page  
Having lost our office in the barn, we've moved our computers into a room on the second floor of our home. One of the greatest advantages of this move is that Pippin has access to us all day. This has not gone unnoticed, as you'll see if you click his picture. 
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As we look to the future, we share this thought with our readers.
As always, but now more than ever before, thanks for your friendship and custom.
John and Jan