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Newsletter - October  2017

Our new barn continues to take shape.
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November 11 & 12, 2017

Field Memorial Library Conway, MA


November 19, 2017

Lexington High School
LOexington, MA
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Since last month's newsletter, we've traveled to Europe on our first buying trip since the tornado. While it was wonderful to get away, we missed the day-to-day contact with our new barn and the workers in charge of its creation. Fortunately, two friends kept us in touch with the project through photographs they emailed us regularly. Now that we're back home, work has accelerated, and we're looking forward to seeing the building enclosed before snow flies.

We plan to drive to Boston this week to pick up our air freight shipment of paintings, smalls, and furniture, most of which will be on display at our Fall Show in Conway on November 11 and 12. We're looking forward to holding our first and only local show in Field Memorial Library. For details, use this link.

Our next newsletter, containing many of our most recent finds, will follow quickly on the heels of the show, probably on Tuesday the 14th. We hope that those of you who have patiently endured two months of empty "New Listings" will be pleased to be included once again.  
Enclosing the Frame

Since last month's newsletter, our new barn has a roof and is beginning to be enclosed. Click the picture to see the latest progress.
Pippin's Page  
Once again, Pippin has forgiven us for deserting him for three weeks. He even took a few moments to pose for a picture. You can see it by clicking on his nose, above.
The Back Page

This month's Back Page is dedicated to  collectors of mortars and pestles, of whom we know a few. The large bronze pair pictured here is in the apothecary at the Franz Hals Museum in Haarlem. And, while we're on the subject, click the picture to see the magnificent apothecary collector cabinet that is on display in  Amsterdam in  the Rijksmuseum.

As always, thanks for keeping in touch.
John and Jan