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Hiten GhoshKGPian Dr. Hitendra Nath Ghosh appointed Director of the QuEST Forum Executive Board


Dr. Hitendra Nath Ghosh (B.Tech. Electrical Engg./1958) of Hughes Network Systems has been elected as a new Director of the QuEST Forum Executive Board. His official tenure is from January 1st, 2013 through December 31st, 2014.
Quest Forum is the premier industry group of Telecommunication product and services like AT&T, Verizon, Nokia, Ericson, Motorola, Siemens, Cox Communication, ComCast, China Telecom, Hwei Electronics, Fujitsu, Samsung, Bharti Telephone, Reliance Com etc and their suppliers. Quest certifies TL9000 telecommunication quality standards and publishes several handbooks on Telecommunication Systems and performance measurements. Read More.
Guru Funda


Monishi Sanyal Monishi Sanyal led the team that founded the Pan IIT Alumni Association in 2003. He has initiated several Pan IIT events like the Charter meet, Innovation Summit, Professional Network meets and has mentored  many alumni in the Bay Area. Family events such as the Diwali Dhamaka (an inter IIT cultural fest) and the Picnic (which has a inter IIT sports component) were also started by him. He has also served on the Board of Pan IIT for many years. He is easily the best connected and well known IITian. 

Monishi is the Governor's Gold medalist from IIT Madras 1970 batch having graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He has served as the President of IIT Madras Alumni Association and has represented the IIT Madras Research Park in the US.
In his professional career Monishi worked in India for 20 years serving in senior positions in pioneering companies in the high tech space before coming to the US in 1990. He has also been a serial entrepreneur, mentor and investor in a number of start ups in India and the US.
In extra curricular activities Monishi was the Indian National Champion in rowing, and a champion in Boxing and field athletics (Shot put and Discus throw), was the IIT Madras soccer captain. In cultural activities he has won awards is debates, singing and acting. His current interests are in biking and scuba diving.


Since the formation of the Pan IIT Alumni Association I have mentored many IITians and from their stories of woes here are few nuggets of advice I would offer which you are unlikely to get at the IIT.



1.1. GOALS: 

a. Chart some goals - don't be rudderless ship. Stay focused

b. Seek guidance from fellow alumni and others. 


1.2. Strike a balance between your personal life and success at your career/venture to get a balance and mental peace. Don't kill yourself in pursuit of material success. 



2.1. Network and stay connected. People shy away from opportunists who connect when the need arises. 


a. Conferences/Network events having a large number of people are the most economical, as you could meet a large number for a brief eye contact and saying "Hi", but staying in their face helps them remember you.
b. Smaller Groups have deeper relationships especially if is it over a longer period of time like say a cruise or an off-site meeting

c. One on one - this is the most intimate but is the most costly in terms of time and money.

Always conference and selectively do one on ones.


3.1. I have seen brilliant IITians being passed over in promotions and it has left them devastated or destroyed their motivation. If rising to the top of your organization is key to your self esteem please understand the eco-system around you like key people, influencers, etc. Do as best as an honorable course will allow.

3.2. SELLING YOURSELF: To the world outside, you are only as good as you project yourself, so don't hide your achievements. If you feel awkward about bragging work so that some friend will project for you and you can return the favor to him.

Alternatively come to me and I would love to project your accomplishments to get some bragging rights for IIT.


4.1. Yesterday is not tomorrow so do not get deterred by yesterday's failure. Learn from your failures and start afresh. By the same token don't get carried away by yesterday's success. Hubris has led to many a downfall.

4.2. Feel good about honesty and do not try to copy others who may have achieved success by questionable means. You will sleep better.


5.1. Have a laugh and feel good. Hang loose.

5.2. Family, Community work and hobbies are a great way to let the steam out in this high tension world.


IIT Campuses

Shrikumar Suryanarayan
Shrikumar Suryanarayan: BioSpectrum's Entrepreneur of the Year
A past 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award winner and member of the IITMAANA Donor Hall of Fame, Shrikumar Suryanarayan '82 was awarded BioSpectrum's "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award in December,2012, an achievement only bestowed upon the leading pioneers of the biotechnology industry.
At 23, he joined Biocon and directed its R&D ethos and enzymes conquest spiritedly; At 52, with the same raft of energy and agility, he's etching a pioneering entrepreneurial story which has the potential to change the energy ecosystem. This craftsman, who permutes between the industry and academia with ease, is doing remarkable things in a remarkable way.
Applied research was always his area of interest and he was fascinated by chemistry. In an era, when being a doctor or an engineer was the trend, he opted for chemical engineering at IIT Madras as the subject was close to his heart. He also did not flow with the tide of going and working abroad or pursing a career in established companies. He listened to his heart and chased his dreams-first with Biocon and now as chairman of Sea6 Energy. Read More.

IIT Rider on foreign faculty nod for IITs

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The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) can now hire foreign faculty, but with a rider. The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has said that it has no objections to such recruitment of foreign faculty by the IITs, provided that their annual salary doesn't exceed $25,000 which is a Home Ministry guideline and Ministry of External Affairs' economic provisions.


However, the ceiling is likely to prove to be a major deterrent since in terms of rupees it is a mere `13.75 lakh, which is far less than what even leading private coaching institutes offer to its faculty.


But then, the bracket of `13.75 lakh per annum is almost on par to what IIT directors followed by the heads of the department are paid. According to the Sixth Pay Commission, IIT directors get approximately `14 lakh per annum. Read More.     



IIT Nano SatelliteIITians to build nano satellite


A group of 40 stud�ents from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, are working on developing a 15 kg nano satellite to study the energy spectrum of charged particles in the upper ionosphere and predict solar and lightning storms and seismic activity.  


"We plan to have the satellite ready by the end of 2014, after which Isro will carry it as a payload on one of its missions. The satellite is being built to have a lifetime of one year, but we are certain it will last longer," says Akshay Gulati, the team's system engineer. Isro is expected to place the satellite in the lower earth orbit between 600 to 800 kms above the earth's atmosphere.

"Our satellite is the first of its kind to be developed entirely by a team of students. We want to set up a center for space science at the institute to give students in the following batches the opportunity to continue building more satellites as monitoring high energy part�icles should be a continuous effort," says Professor David Koilpillai, dean (planning), IIT-M, revealing that the inst�itute's alumni from the 1985 batch had contributed Rs 3 crores towards the project's funding. Read More.



IITIIT fee up but below cost

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The apex body of the IITs today accepted a recommendation to raise the annual undergraduate tuition fee to Rs 90,000 - an 80 per cent hike that still leaves 60 per cent of the operational cost uncovered.

The fee revision was among a slew of decisions taken by the IIT Council, chaired by the human resource development minister. The decisions included easing of entry rules for PhD courses. 

The standing committee of the IIT Council had recommended that the annual fee for BTech students be hiked from Rs 50,000 to Rs 90,000. A panel had earlier put the operational cost for each student at Rs 2.25 lakh a year.

However, students belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes and those whose parents earn less than Rs 4.5 lakh a year will continue to get either exemption or full scholarship to cover the tuition fee. Read More.  

IIT Patna


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam inspires the graduates at the 1st Convocation of IIT Patna

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IIT Patna conducted its first convocation on December 23, 2012. As many as 89 graduates of the first batch received their degrees. Gagandeep Singh of computer science and Anushmita Kaushik of electrical engineering were awarded the President of India gold medals.  

Chairman of the IIT-Patna board of governors Ajai Chowdhary welcomed the guests. Director A K Bhowmick outlined the achievements of the institution since its inception. Chairman of the IIT Bombay board of governors Anil Kakodkar and IIT Kharagpur's former director K L Chopra were given distinguished academicians' award.

On this occasion the Chief Guest was Former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam focused on the graduating IITians to showcase their innovations and technical knowledge to strategies and develop markets for variety of agricultural produces to enable the farmers to maximize their return. He suggested that IIT-Patna may pursue the implementation of one such PURA (providing urban amenities in rural areas) model covering around 50 to 100 villages on the outskirts of Patna by utilizing the potential of the IIT youth. Read More.

IIT Chapters

Venkatesh Manna
A hero in the fight against malnutrition
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IIT-Madras alumnus, M.G. Venkatesh Mannar is one of 91 persons who have received the Order of Canada, one of the highest civilian honors of the Canadian government.

The distinguished chemical engineer was given the award for his leadership in the global fight against malnutrition and micro nutrient deficiency.

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Mannar has been working to reduce debilitating micro-nutrient deficiencies amongst the world's most vulnerable populations. He is the president of the Ottawa-based Micro-nutrient Initiative (MI). Read More.
IIT Events

   IIT Alumni Kanpur  

1st Annual Alumni Meet, IIT-Kanpur

Event Date:
3rd March, 2013
The First IIT Kanpur Alumni Association Convention will be held on Sunday 3rd March 2013 from 9:00 am to 9:00pm at I.I.T. Delhi.

The Alumni Convention will be of the alumni, for the alumni and by the alumni of I.I.T. Kanpur as a common platform where IIT alumni (with family) from all over the world will be able to get together to meet, interact with each other and explore how Alumni Association can be more vibrant, relevant and useful for the alumni, IIT Kanpur and the nation. The convention is being organized by Alumni Association IIT Kanpur Outer Delhi Chapter on behalf of the Alumni Association IIT Kanpur.

Click here for more details.

IIT Alumni - Join us on LinkedIn


IIT Alumni Linkedin Group has emerged as a very vibrant resource for our community. We are now 21400+ strong and growing. The group is a great way to connect with fellow IITans living in your area, working in your industry or from your batch. It is great resource to find employers, employees, contacts or customers via qualified introductions on an opt-in basis. The members are finding it as a great place to discuss their ideas or to promote their products.

Recently, the whole IIT community came together to support IIT Bombay Heritage Fund for a noble goal of securing donation worth $10K from Chase Community Giving contest, where engaging fellow IITians through Linkedin played a key role.  Congratulations IIT Bombay Heritage FundThank you all who should IIT Tempo and voted.  


Click here to join the LinkedIn Group. 

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