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January 2015  :::  
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"Because you can never be too prepared!"

Winter freeze has arrived in full this month! Brrr....

Being prepared for winter weather can make all the difference...not just for personal comfort, but for health and safety.  Read on for tips for creating a winter car kit as well as some highlights from our Generac Dealer's conference (we attend every year as it provides us with the inside scoop on current and future products that we can then share with our clients). 

Of course, this is also about the time that the resolve around New Year's goals begins to fade. Consider this your friendly reminder...a little dose of inspiration and motivation...Take a look at your resolutions and do a check-in to see what's bubbled up to be most important. Then ask yourself how you can continue to put attention and energy into making the resolution part of your reality. You can do it!! Read on for our Resolution Recharge article and how you can enter to win a prize...

As always, we thank you for taking a moment or two to read this month's issue.  And of course, as your Generac dealer and/or electrical contractor, we look forward to being of service to you whenever we're needed!   

Mike & Barbara Gromwaldt

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  Resolutions Recharge
Oh dear, hopeful, optimistic resolutions, how we love thee!  In recognition of the mid-January slump, let's show some resolve by making these resolutions a reality!  Here's a little extra incentive for you:   
Email us with your top resolution AND how you're sticking to it, and we'll send the first 5 respondents a cozy and oh-so-stylish Generac hooded sweatshirt.  Because you can never be too prepared! 
Winter Driving

Winter weather can be so beautiful, with sunlight catching the icy crystals in a way that makes it look like diamonds have been sprinkled everywhere. It can also be incredibly dangerous, and even life-threatening.

When bad weather is forecast, the best advice is to stay put and not travel anywhere. But weather can be unpredictable, and emergencies arise...both meaning that it's essential to take precautions and put together a winter emergency car kit.

The government of Canada has compiled a comprehensive list of items and other important information regarding winter driving. The Automobile Association of America (AAA) Mid-Atlantic region also has some lists and information. safe and use caution when driving this winter! The best precaution is to stay off the roads and wait for the storm to pass and the professional plows to clear the roads.

And remember to clear the snow around your generator to allow for sufficent air flow and efficient performance.


CALL OR EMAIL US TO LEARN ABOUT GENERAC COLD WEATHER KITS for your generator. Includes a thermostat, crank heater and battery warmer for when temps fall below freezing. As always, orders include our professional Essential Power Systems, LLC installation.
In This Month's Issue:
Each year, we make it a priority to attend Generac dealer events so we are at the forefront when it comes to new products, new initiatives and trends in the marketplace.  This year, we travelled to Orlando, FL and have returned re-charged (electrician humor!) and excited to help more area businesses and homeowners! 
The air was electrifying as we arrived at the conference!!
Generac has even MORE standby power solutions for business and commercial applications...allowing business owners to protect inventory and continue operations despite local and regional power outages.
And homeowners continue to be valued products and more features mean increased safety, comfort and protection. 

We got a charge out of 'Jenny Rator' whose motto is 'We Con-Du-It' (hahaha...). Seriously, though - hiring a licensed, trained electrical professional is no joking matter. We are proud of our experience and reputation, and are honored by and grateful for your referrals.

Essential Power Systems, LLC...did you know?
Did you know that we have over 40 years of electrical contracting experience?

Essential Power Systems, LLC, provides the same award-winning service and expertise that have earned us Generac� PowerPro Elite status to all of your home and commercial electrical contracting upgrades and repairs. From initial consultation to final sign off, we make it our business to provide industry-leading service and expertise -- ON BUDGET, ON TIME and with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM.

Call us at 845-227-0514 to schedule an appointment or consultation/estimate.


Not sure you need a licensed electrician?
This Old House website sheds some light (pun intended!) on the reasons why you should hire  a professional, licensed and insured electrician.  
Click here to read.
Getting a Generator Just Got A Little Easier...

To provide a convenient budgeting alternative for our prospective Generac installations, we are proud to announce expanded payment options for qualifying buyers.  Payment options are:  

  1. Generac's Sychrony Consumer Credit (Flexible rates including the NO MONEY DOWN 0% "365 Same as Cash" plan.  Apply now via our Generac web site.)
  2. All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  3. *New* - M & T Bank Home Equity or Personal Loans
  4. Direct Payment via Cash or Check

Referrals are the best compliments we can receive! EPS proudly participates in the Generac� Refer A Friend program.  If you refer friends, family or colleagues our way and they purchase and install a Generac� standby from us, you can both earn a $50 rebate. Details are found on the referral rebate form.
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