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January 2015

Mayor's Message


Welcome to the Township of Pequannock - celebrating its 275th Anniversary! As newly elected by the Council as Mayor, I am honored to serve the community of Pequannock Township.

Pequannock is governed under the New Jersey Optional Municipal Charter Law known as the Faulkner Act. The Faulkner Act has four optional plans: mayor-council, council-manager, small municipality and mayor-council-administrator. The Township of Pequannock operates under the Council-Manager form of government.

The duties of the Mayor in this form of government are to preside over the Council and have a voice and to vote. The Mayor in this form of government has no executive powers; the Mayor is the primus inter pares - "first among equals" on the Council.

The Great Recession has ended in the United States, but the economy is far from robust in New Jersey. I and the other Council members are mindful of this economic condition on the taxpayers of Pequannock Township. The Council is responsible for the fiscal polices and adopting the annual budget and the voters have once again affirmed their desire for fiscal discipline by re-electing myself as well as Rich Phelan and Melissa Florance-Lynch for a second term.

The Council remains committed to conservative monetary values and will work together alongside David Hollberg, the Township Manager, during the first quarter of 2015 to bring forth a reasonable budget.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at 973-476-7230 or e-mail me at if you have questions or concerns.


Mayor Cathy Winterfield



Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe From Burglaries


Kickproof your doors.

Many burglars kick in doors to get in. But unless your door is hollow, the door is not what's allowing burglars easy entry. You can strengthen any exterior door by using a 1-inch-long deadbolt lock and a reinforced metal box strike. The latter cost about $10. Use 3-inch-long screws to mount them so they lodge in the framing beyond the doorjamb. And don't overlook the door that leads into your house from the garage.

Windows.  Beef up existing window locks by inserting removable eyebolts in holes drilled into the sash where they overlap, or by adding locking scissor gates or fixed metal grilles. Finally, secure window air conditioners with sturdy screws through wood or metal framing elements so burglars can't push them in. In all cases, check that added barriers won't violate fire-safety codes or manufacturer warranties.

Keep it bright. Illuminate areas around doors, windows, and blind spots. Install lights high upon exterior walls so they can't easily be disabled. But easy-to-install, low-voltage light systems and pro-installed,120-volt lights can be connected to motion detectors and whole-house security systems. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs made for outdoor use saved energy and outlasted regular bulbs in our tests, so you won't have to change them as often. But they take longer to reach full brightness and they don't all work with motion- or light-activated fixtures, so check the package.

Landscape wisely. Tall foundation plants or high fences can provide cover for criminals. Trim tree branches that might provide access to windows, roof, or skylights. Gravel beds around the house make it easier to hear anyone lurking outside.
Add an alarm. Some central-monitoring systems will call your cell phone if they can't reach you on your landline. Radio-based alarm systems that use dedicated UHF frequencies can be used as a backup or as a stand-alone solution that eliminates the need for landlines. Switching to an Internet-based phone service? Make sure it's compatible with your alarm. See "Scam Alert: Don't Get Ripped Off by an Alarm Company" for tips on choosing an alarm company.


Valuables.  Expensive jewelry, cash and other small items with high value should be placed in a safe deposit box at your bank.  The absolute worst place to put an expensive piece of jewelry is in a jewelry box on your dresser.  The same holds true for hiding cash in the freezer.  These are two places where thieves look first.


A Message from The Pequannock Township Environmental Commission 

Dealing With Icy Areas


One environmental consideration in winter is the use of ice-melting substances.  Unfortunately, much of what we spread on roads and sidewalks to make them less slippery quickly finds its way into streams, lakes, and groundwater.  Whether it is salt, calcium chloride, cinders, or sand, there is an environmental downside to each.  Salt is corrosive and kills trees.  Calcium chloride is easier on nearby vegetation than salt.  However, it contains the same chloride component as salt, and chloride is harmful to many forms of marine life.One way to reduce the need for de-icing chemicals is to fix any ice creating drainage problems before winter begins.  For example, patch the gutter that drips onto the front steps or redirect downspouts away from walkways.  If you cannot achieve necessary safety levels by shoveling early and often or having someone do it for you, use de-icing products only as directed.  More is not always better!  Whatever you do spread, make sure to sweep it up once the surface is clear.  In every season, we should be on the lookout for things we can do in our daily lives to conserve resources and cut pollution.  Every bit helps!!





                                      COMMUNITY GARDEN

The Community Garden is taking registrations from previous members until January 31st.  Starting February 1st, all new gardeners can start submitting their registration.  Community Garden Registration forms can be found in the Parks & Recreation Office and Membership is $10.
                                                 BARK PARK

It's 2015 and that means that Bark Park tags need to be renewed.  Bark Park Registration packets are available in the Parks & Recreation Department.  A current copy of the dog license, vaccinations, and your homeowner's or renter's insurance are needed before tags can be issued.  All dogs must be spayed/neutered.  The Bark Park is free to all town residents.










 For More Information Visit Our Website 



First Aid Squad



The PEQUANNOCK TOWNSHIP FIRST AID SQUAD will host a CASINO NIGHT fundraiser at Holy Spirit Parish Center

on February 7, 2015 from 7-11pm (doors open at 6:30).


Featured games include: Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and Texas Hold 'Em, as well as a 50/50 raffle.


Tickets purchased before January 31, 2015 are $65 and include a full buffet dinner catered by A&A Fine Foods, unlimited beer, wine and soda, and $50 play money. Tickets purchased after January 31st up to the day of the event are $70.


The event promises to be a fun filled evening to share with family and friends, with the added bonus of a chance to win some truly great prizes! All proceeds will benefit the Pequannock Township First Aid Squad, a non-profit all-volunteer agency. For tickets call Allison Kane at 973-809-4176 or Christine Francescone at 973-699-6394. We hope to see you there!!!


Fair Housing

If you or someone you know would be interested in affordable housing, please contact Fair Housing at 973-835-5700, Ext. 198 or e-mail Gail DeGraw at for an Interested Person Questionnaire.


-- Three Bedroom Unit Available --
Affordable Housing (The Glens) Third Floor Unit

$162,144 (purchase only)

Available immediately -- Household income must meet affordable housing guidelines.  If interested, please contact Fair Housing.


Volunteers needed for our Annual River Cleanup on April 11 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Volunteers will meet at the Senior House before deploying to their designated cleanup areas.  Children are welcome with adult supervision.  Garbage bags will be provided, but gloves are limited.  Please try to bring your own. Pre-registration is not required but will help with logistics.  To register, visit the Parks & Recreation Office or e-mail

Township of  Pequannock

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