16 January, 2016 | Edition #2
 Dear Friends and Art Lovers,

We hope that your 2016 has been a good one so far. Here are a few updates on what we've been up to so far. As well as a few morsels on some very exciting events and news coming in the next few weeks.

Artfully yours,
Majdoline and the team 
Zeina Saket's Illuminated Verses

Jordanian artist and curator Zeina Saket's first-ever solo exhibition was a huge success. Be sure to check the exhibition page for samples of her artwork, and pictures from the vernissage. Also, our Instagram feed has some more images from the collection, and exclusive behind the scenes moments. 

Artscoops Partnership 

We are excited to announce that we are the first Jordanian gallery to pursue a partnership with Artscoops, the region's leading digital art market. We'll 
share more details in February.  
The Store Comes To You

Probably our best kept secret, The Store is stashed away on the basement level of the gallery. After months of preparation, The Store is going digital in the next couple of weeks, with convenient options such as prepaying online and collecting in-store, or having items shipped to you doorstep. We'll send out a notification once we are all set.
New Exclusive Artist

Iraqi artist Amjad Al-Tayyar has joined the gallery's roster of exclusive artists. We have a few exclusive pieces up on our website, with an artist bio and more work coming soon.
Upcoming Event: 
MoFeast on Jan-27

Moveable Feast has drawn inspiration from the creativity found in Amman's artistic communities. Upon collaboration with painters, writers, photographers, and designers of professionals and amateur background alike, the event strives to emphasize that no creative process should go unrecognized. 
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