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January 2017 Newsletter 

Delivery of 1:32 scale Pennsylvania E-6 class 4-4-2 – Feb 2017 

At this writing we’re assembling and preparing the 1:32 scale Pennsy E-6 class 4-4-2s for delivery beginning in February 2017.  We apologize for the delay, however, the results will be worthwhile!  Please note addition of two SKU #s for “Brunswick Green” version of PRR #460. 

Also, due to increasing production costs, a price increase has been made for new orders placed after January 1, 2017.  All reservations on file as of 12/31/16 will be honored at the earlier prices. 

AL97-431 E-6 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 #1794, Green Lined, Alcohol Fired  $3,700.00

AL97-432 E-6 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 #460, Black, Alcohol Fired  $3,500.00

AL97-433 E-6 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 #460, Green, Alcohol Fired New option               $3,500.00

AL97-435 E-6 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 #1794, Green Lined, Butane Ceramic Fired         $3,700.00

AL97-436 E-6 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 #460, Black, Butane Ceramic Fired $3,500.00

AL97-437 E-6 Pennsylvania 4-4-2 #460, Green, Butane Ceramic Fired New option         $3,500.00

Delivery of 1:13.7 scale Decauville Type 1, 3-ton 0-4-0T – Mar 2017 

We anticipate delivery of the Decauville Type 1 locomotives in March.  We are still accepting reservations for these fine locomotives.

Delivery of 1:20.3 scale D&RGW C-25 class 2-8-0 Coal Fired and Butane Fired versions – May 2017 

In addition to the coal fired C-25, we will have a very limited number of butane versions available for reservation as well.  The butane versions can be converted to coal fired later if desired.  Delivery is expected in May 2017 

AL87-120C D&RGW C-25 Unlettered, Black, Coal Fired$  5,250.00

AL87-121C D&RGW C-25 #375 Black Flying Rio Grande, Coal Fired  $5,250.00

AL87-122C D&RGW C-25 #375 Green Boiler Moffat, Coal Fired  $5,250.00

Newly announced C-25 butane versions: 

AL87-120B D&RGW C-25 Unlettered, Black, Butane/Ceramic  $5,250.00

AL87-121B D&RGW C-25 #375 Black Flying Rio Grande, Butane/Ceramic  $5,250.00

AL87-122B D&RGW C-25 #375 Green Boiler Moffat, Butane/Ceramic $5,250.00

Accucraft reserves the right to change prices, colors, specifications and availability  without  notice.
All items are FOB Union City, CA.
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