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After the relative quiet of Winter Term, we were ready for the inrush of students over the weekend and the energy of the start of Spring semester yesterday! One change students should note is the relocation of both the Rinella Learning Center and Student Disability Services to the renovated Shriver Center. The move provides greater access to these important resources as they are now closer to the center of activity on campus. 

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Conversation Corner: New Member Education

As the "Mother of Fraternities" and given our  institutional valuesMiami University Greek Life must aspire to be a model  for the rest of the nation.  There are numerous benefits of fraternity and sorority life, including lifelong friendships, emotional and academic support, and participation in philanthropic and leadership efforts. However, there are costs, particularly when hazing occurs during new member education. 

Hazing is any element of new member education that can impart physical or mental/emotional harm, and is often disguised as "optional," but inevitably viewed as mandatory by new members. Hazing is not only a  violation of Miami's Code of Student Conduct, it is also an affront to our shared values and is against the law.   No prospective members should tolerate hazing in any form; active members must immediately intervene and stop hazing when they see or hear about it occurring. D angerous types of hazing include: 
  • Workouts and calisthenics
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Personal servitude or required chores in an annex or chapter house
  • Being required to sleep/live in an annex or chapter house as opposed to their residence hall
Miami University does not tolerate hazing in any form.  If your loved one is an active member in a fraternity or sorority, we urge you to talk with them about what is going on with the new members of their chapter. Also, if you have a relationship with a new member, ask them about their experience. Below are some suggested talking points to guide the conversation: 
  • What are the values of the organization? Do the activities during new member education promote those values?
  • Are both initiated and new members equally participating in activities?
  • Is there anything associated with new member education that they would not want published on the front page of the student newspaper?
  • Do new member activities align with the values you have modeled throughout their upbringing and within your family?
With your help, we can end hazing within the Miami University community and become a model for Greek life around the nation. Hazing can be reported  via email or phone  (513-529-1462) to the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, or via the  Ethics Point online reporting system

Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to build a safe community for all of our students at Miami University. 
Miami Family Fund Supports Mock Interview Coordinator Role

Heather Christman hears time and again just how well prepared Miami students are for job interviews.  "We have great students," she quickly points out, and those students don't hesitate to take advantage of resources available to them.

The Miami Family Fun d supports the mock interview coordinator position held by Kia Nalls. Since Nalls started full time, the number of mock interviews conducted on campus has steadily improved, rising from 580 to 915.

The role has been critical to increase interview preparation in Miami students.  The position has been crucial in other ways, too. Nalls reaches out to faculty and departments regarding the benefits of her post and spends time each week in the Office of Diversity Affairs. She also helps Career Services with special program efforts supported by the Killian Endowment.

"In the last six months, we launched a significant effort to reach out to this underserved student population," Christman said. "This position spends office hours in Diversity Affairs, answering questions, making sure they understand what Career Services offers and making sure they have the support they need."

Career Services combed through data over the summer and recognized a lower percentage of diverse students relative to the overall student population were attending career fairs. This spring, Career Services will launch a webinar series on topics relevant to diverse students as they enter the workforce. Another spring initiative will see the University partner with employers to develop a lunch series with students of diverse backgrounds. The monthly luncheon will give students exposure to opportunities offered by employers and workplace culture.

The mock interview coordinator is central to scaling up efforts to support diverse students.  "If we make sure we're reaching students through faculty partnership, we're more likely to reach our desired outcome," Christman said. "The implementation of this role has really allowed that to grow. We appreciate the support we are getting right now from the Miami Family Fund because we wouldn't be able to fund the role without it."

Made possible through the generous support of Miami families, the Miami Family Fund strengthens the University's efforts to provide a safe, vibrant, and well-rounded college experience by offering support in several areas. Learn more about the Miami Family Fund.
Five Ways to Enhance Your Student's Experience through the Miami Notebook Program

When you purchase a Miami Notebook from the Miami University Bookstore, you are setting your student up to have worry free technology for their entire time at Miami! Below are five distinct advantages:
  1. We have 10 models available with dozens of possible configurations to meet every need! Each model comes with a software suite installed that includes Microsoft Office. You will find something in our stock that will be expertly configured for your student.
  2. You can rest easy knowing that you are purchasing a laptop approved by your student's major and professors! O ne less thing you need to worry about, because sending your student away to school is worrisome enough.
  3. Students can visit the MiTech service counter for assistance with software and hardware problems, and getting help is either free of cost or at a reduced price! Not to mention that the service counter is right in the heart of campus in the Shriver Center.
  4. If your student's laptop needs a repair that takes more than a few days, they will receive a complimentary loaner laptop until it is fixed. Y our student can continue progress on homework, projects, and classes!
  5. You receive educational pricing! Saving money is always great.
The Miami Notebook Program is a hassle free program and you can trust your student will be extraordinarily prepared! To inquire about ordering or learning which model would be best for your student, call 513-529-2600 or email!

New Education, Teaching and Learning Minor Available

Teaching and learning are lifelong affairs. From overseeing employee training and delivering professional development presentations, to helping co-workers and community members understand and implement new ideas, most people will assume the role of an educator at various points throughout their careers.
To help aspiring leaders understand and apply learning, teaching, and education-based concepts, the College of Education, Health and Society (EHS) is now offering a new minor.
The Education, Teaching and Learning Minor is perfect for students interested in applying effective educational and learning strategies in a way that can complement their primary academic focus. Students will learn educational approaches for non-majors, human development and learning in social and educational contexts, grant writing skills and methods, and more.
This minor does not include teacher licensure, but it can help students understand a wide range of educational issues relevant to a diverse and changing global society.
In rapidly evolving professional landscape where education and information are key, teaching and learning does not end when students leave the classroom. For the most successful, it is only just the beginning.
Learn more about the minor in the Education, Teaching and Learning section of the Miami University General Bulletin. 

The Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life has developed a new course to help ensure your student has a safe and meaningful new member experience in one of Miami's fraternities or sororities. In order to participate in the recruitment process, students must complete both Part 1 and Part 2 of the  Introduction to Fraternity & Sorority Life Course.

Completion of this course is required for all interested in joining the community and all who accept a bid. However, completion of this course does not guarantee an invitation to membership. Students who registered for formal recruitment were emailed all necessary information and deadlines to complete the course.

IFC Enhanced Membership Experience Plans Online

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) has published each respective fraternity's Enhanced Membership Experience (EME) plans on their website. Each chapter that has successfully completed their EME has posted it for potential new members and their families to view. A completed EME plan will include an outline of the new member process, a calendar of events, and a letter to families.


IFC is actively working with all organizations that have not completed their EME guide. If you have any questions about a specific chapter's new membership process, please reach out to the chapter directly. Chapter contact information is available online. 

Miami University Summer Scholars Program

Know a rising high school junior or senior? Invite them to apply for the Summer Scholars Program. This two-week program provides a glimpse of life on campus and learning experiences designed to prepare participants for college and beyond.

Spend two weeks this summer at one of the nation's top universities:
Session I: July 2 - July 14
Session II: July 16 - July 28

For more information, visit the Summer Scholars Program website.

AIP student Jesse Kincaid of San Diego, CA, photographed this egre t on the La Jolla Shores.
Study at the Zoo, Earn A Master's Degree from Miami University 

The   Advanced Inquiry Program  (AIP) is a master's degree from Miami University's Project Dragonfly, combining web-based Miami coursework with experiential learning and community engagement through one of the following AIP Master Institutions:

- Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo
- Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
- Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
- Denver Zoo
- San Diego Zoo Global
- Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo

Applications for 2017 are due February 28, 2017.

Jesse Kincaid, who captured the image above, surveyed species richness in tide pools for an AIP class, which combined Miami web-based coursework and experiential learning through AIP Partner San Diego Zoo Global.  

Reminders from the 
One Stop
Summer 2017:
Registration for Summer 2017 is now open for all students. The summer schedule is also available on the Course List website.

Applying for May Graduation:
Friday, February 24 is the deadline to apply for May graduation. Visit the Applying for Graduation page for instructions and other important steps to take after applying for graduation.

Spring Meal Plan Reminders

Students in Residence Halls  
With the spring semester just a day old, the HOME Office encourages all students to review their Spring Meal Plan selection online. We also want to share with you that in response to feedback, our dining team has developed a "Grab & Go" breakfast option that will allow students to use their buffet "swipes" to purchase breakfast sandwich combos!

Students can review or make changes to their spring meal plan selection online through their MyCard Account . The last day to make changes is Sunday, February 5, 2017. While this is the last day to officially change a meal plan, don't forget that you can always add more declining balance dollars to your student's account through your MyCard Account, at the HOME Office, or through MyMiami. Any unused declining balance dollars carry forward to next fall as long as your student is enrolled at Miami. 

As a special, one-time accommodation recognizing the complexities of the transition to new meal plans, any unused buffet meal counts that your student may have had at the end of fall will remain available as a reserve to use in the event they fully deplete their spring buffet meal counts.

Be sure to check out our Meal Plan FAQ website and our Dining Blog for additional information.

Off Campus and Heritage Commons Residents:
If your student is living off campus or at Heritage Commons, don't forget the benefits of using a Miami Express meal plan. This declining balance meal plan provides a convenient way of dining on campus, and provides other benefits such as no sales tax, loyalty deals, and mobile ordering! Students can check current balances or add money to an account through MyCard or MyMiami.

If you have any questions, please contact the HOME Office at .

February 24, 4:00 - 7:00 p.m., McGuffey Hall

Career Services  and the  Wilks Leadership Institute  are partnering to bring a free leadership and career symposium to Miami. Students must  register by February 15  for a spot to learn and network from Miami alumni in various industries and apply their passions to leading in their future careers. 

Following the  Spring Internship & Career Expo (Spring ICE) , this event will emphasize telling their story in interviews and communicating their strengths and leadership experiences to future employers and internships. Space is limited and registration is required.

The tentative schedule includes opening and closing sessions, two blocks of conference-style breakout sessions, and an informal networking reception to end the evening.
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