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January 2017

" If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loren Eiseley

An aquarium is a transparent display or habitat for underwater creatures as well as aquatic plants for exhibition. 

The below painting is called Aquarium because it reveals a vibrant atmosphere of transparency and artfulness.  The layers of colored droplets or bubbles are alluring as the viewer is beckoned into the depths of this cosmopolitan underwater community.

This engaging piece is an expression of my affinity for life and beauty.

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Ralph White
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" Life is like a carnival. When you are little, everything is smoke, mirrors, and illusions. Then you grow up." - Linda Poindexter

Imagine when you were a kid and you'd go to the carnival or circus. All the colors seemed brighter and the rides were enormous. Your cotton candy was a fluffy piece of heaven. There were no calories to worry about and no dizzy spells from the rides. It was just a lively spectacle of imagination and fun!

This painting Carnival depicts animated scenes of a boisterous atmosphere.  A sight that is charged up with energetic fusion and wild echoes of expression. The splashes of color expose the assembly of all the carnival artists and vendors hustling about, making magic happen for the youthful at heart.

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Ralph White's painting Seed tied for Second Place in the Paintings Category for the November 2016 1st Annual "Open / No Theme" Online Art Competition with Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO).

Click HERE to view the exhibition.

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