January 2018
  Hingham Congregational Church, UCC
366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043

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Message from the Senior Pastor 
Epiphany and the Creative Spirit
For centuries, Christians have lifted up the arts during Epiphany to celebrate God's creative energy, expressed in the birth of Jesus and in our lives.
In recent years, we have invited special musical guests on a few of the Sundays during the season of Epiphany. Last year, we included a Poetry Sunday. We have called this our Epiphany Festival of the Arts, and this year, we are planning some very special experiences!

We can look forward to:
January 7: Jazz Sunday, with talented musicians from the South Shore                     Conservatory.
January 14: MLK Weekend, featuring traditional and modern spirituals
January 21: Visual art by members of the congregation will be displayed in the sanctuary and in Hale Fellowship Hall. Please bring your piece to the church office by January 17. We'd love to include your work!
January 28: Choir Sunday. All of our choirs will perform. Art and Spirituality Field Trip to the MFA Meet at 11:30 at HCC.
February 4: Earth Harmony, a folk group whose songs express a deep faith and a call to social justice, will be our guests.
I hope you will be in worship on each of these Sundays as your spirit will be lifted and challenged in new and exciting ways. You may even be inspired to create something new in celebration of God's love and the possibilities of the year to come!

Christian Education                                               January 2018
HCC family and friends,        
With the New Year upon us, I look back with such deep gratitude for the home that we have at our "church with a heart in the heart of Hingham." I think of the children playing in their new space next to the patio into the colder Sundays of the fall because it is perfect for them. I think of the multiple games and furnishings donated by people since we have moved back into the church. I think of the confirmands sitting in the new meeting room, eating pizza and enjoying a short movie about the bible, our sacred text.  
I think of all the new individuals, couples and families that have come into our church home and my heart is full. New faces are not just evidence of a healthy congregation, but of love that abounds and of our still speaking God. Praise be for all of these gifts from our Creator.
The curriculum for church school reminds us that through Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, "We are taken on a journey - from a plea to God to break through the barriers of separation to a mountain climb to mystery and wonder." As a church, we may remember that this break-through and mountain climb need not be done alone but as one people of faith. I look forward to exploring all of this with the kids in church school this season.
Thanks again to everyone for their help with the Christmas Tree sale - it was a huge success and would not have been so were it not for the countless volunteer hours put in by so many of you. Here's to the youth and all supporting them! We Also had a record year with Giving Twice in December - the children, youth, volunteers and folks at the Consignment Center raised more money for Cardinal Cushing than they ever have for any other organization.
Retreats are coming right up and we so look forward to these 'reset' buttons. If you have not signed up for the men's or women's and are still interested simply be in touch with Kate, Pete or I and we will do our best to get you information on what opportunities are still open.
We are always looking for shepherds to stand alongside our children and youth as they learn in church school. Shepherds are teacher assistants who help with simple logistics and learn with our children. Sign up at: http://signup.com/go/PgsxgTD These folks are also background checked through the CORI system - if you need an update on your check, we will send you an email. If you want to help and need to submit paperwork, follow this link from our church website: http://hccucc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/CORI-REQUEST-2015-2016.pdf .
The Board of Christian Education also invites High Schoolers who might want to help in Church School to contact Sara. Some kids need a little more attention and this can be a great way for HS youth to gain experience working with people of all ages - the children and youth as well as the adults who are teaching and shepherding. (These could also be volunteer hours as required by most High Schools.) Let Sara know if someone in your family may be interested.
Coming up:
Jan. 4th, Thursday, 7;15 pm - Christian Education meeting
Jan. 5th - 6th, Friday - Saturday - Men's Retreat
Jan. 7th, Sunday - Children's Church
Jan. 7th, Sunday - HS youth meeting and discussion (time to be sent out)
Jan. 10th, Wednesday, 6;30 pm - confirmation meeting
Jan. 10th, Wednesday, 7 - 9 pm - Ladies Lounge
Jan. 14th, Sunday - Mission trip meeting (time to be sent out)
Jan. 15th, Monday - Martin Luther King Jr. food packaging volunteer opportunity with Hingham Hull Religious Leaders Association
Jan. 17th, Wednesday, 6:30 pm - Bereavement Group (meeting at church office)
Jan. 19th - 20th, Friday - Saturday - Women's Retreat
Jan. 21st, Sunday, 11:30 am - An Inconvenient Sequel showing
Jan. 21st, Sunday - HS youth service project (time to be sent out)
Jan. 24th, Wednesday, 6:30 pm - confirmation meeting
Jan. 28th, Sunday - HS youth game night (time to be determined)
**TO BE DETERMINED SOON - date for community game night and date for older elementary and MS youth to go to "Escape the Room" in Kingston ( https://allinadventures.com/#locations) **
Ongoing unless otherwise noted:
Tuesdays, 7:00 pm - bible study
Thursdays, 9:00 am - GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) bible study
Young men's group - ask Pete or Sara for details
Men's group - ask Pete or Sara for details
Peace of Christ,

Prayer requests...
  • Tom Arthur
  • Ron DuBois, Kay Doherty's husband
  • Avi Lev, whose father passed away recently
  • The family of Alice Kost, who passed away recently
  • Willis Ertman, Debbie Edmundson's dad.
  • Jane Thorell, Mark's mom
  • The Thomson family, friends of Jessica McIver
  • Bob, Margery Prices' son
  • Tom Studley
  • Mary Jenkins, whose father passed away recently
  • Galen Hersey
  • Katie and Betsy, friends of Dan Kelleher
  • Helen Gudmand
  • Barbara Minerva, Jeff Collins' sister
  • Don Giessow, David's brother
  • Caryl Sullivan
  • Joe Ludley, Mark Ludley's father
  • Susan Randall Harbert
  • Bill Ketchum, Member in Discernment
  • Suzy Burba, student at Andover Newton and Member in Discernment
  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.
A Note from Our Moderator
Focus on Outreach
Outreach can be defined in the context of our church experience as a process whereby our congregation reaches out to those in the surrounding area who have real and immediate need for help. Outreach has long been a focus and a priority for Hingham Congregational Church - an elemental part of the church's core identity.
In recent years, while the operating budget for HCC has remained relatively flat, part of the reason has been that the Outreach portion of that budget - the amount being given to Wellspring, Father Bill's/MainSpring and the many other wonderful organizations we support - has declined. In 2005, Outreach spending represented almost 22% of HCC's budget. In years prior, the annual target for Outreach spending had been 25% (or more). By contrast, this year's Outreach spending will be closer to 3.5% of the budget; it had been hovering just above 10% for the three years before.
Clearly, Outreach as an HCC "core identity" is under attack - at least in dollar terms. The good news is that we continue to do a really good job at rolling up our sleeves and giving back in other ways, some that are more focused on local causes, others that go well beyond Hingham. I'm thinking in particular of HCC's sponsorship and the significant effort we put into staging the "Taste of Hingham", which typically brings an additional $20,000 or more to local charitable organizations each year. Bucks for Birds, the Good Friday Walk for Sharing, Inc., our monthly meal support for Pine St. Inn, the Giving Tree, Christmas and Easter food boxes, and on-going operation of the Consignment Center are all causes that throw our collective effort into the Outreach mix. We also send a group of teens to help the less advantaged in other parts of the country each year through the annual high school mission trip, and provide on-going support to our HCC colleagues who have made significant commitments to the orphanage in Haiti. These efforts can't be measured as easily as the dollars we commit through our budget, but they are significant, and they add up.
But Outreach spending still matters at HCC, and that long-held, seemingly bygone goal of 25% of the budget is an idea that at least a few in the HCC community are reluctant to relinquish. Many were hoping that the sale of the Rust House might provide an easy answer to our declining Outreach commitment - a "pot of gold" that could be used to augment when necessary the annual giving amounts available. As the Ad Hoc Committee reviewing proceeds from the sale of the Rust House will report at the Annual Finance Meeting on January 28th, that is not likely to be the case. HOWEVER, the committee will be able to present to the congregation a plan that, if we as a community implement effectively, will begin to take us down a path that should help ensure that Outreach in all respects remains part of HCC's core identity. I encourage everyone who cares about HCC, and about our Outreach efforts, to attend the Annual Finance Meeting after worship at 11:30 on Sunday, January 28th to learn more.
Thank you!

Peace and blessings,
To the Members of the Hingham Congregational Church:
In accordance with Article VI, section 2 of the Bylaws, the members of the Hingham Congregational Church are hereby notified that the Congregational Annual Finance Meeting of the Church will take place on Sunday, January 21, 2018, in the sanctuary of the church immediately following the 10:00 a.m. worship service for the following purposes:  
  1. To review pledges received to date;
  2. To receive reports of the Endowment & Memorial Fund Committee and all Boards and Committees having financial accountabilities;
  3. To receive the report from the Capital Campaign Committee;
  4. To receive the report from the Buildings and Grounds Task Force;
  5. To review the proposed budget for 2018; and
  6. To transact any other business that may properly come before the meeting.
This is an important meeting and attendance by all members of the Congregation is requested. Child care will be provided during the meeting.  
Pam Bates
Board of Outreach
Blanket and Tool Sunday, January 28.
In January, our Board of Outreach will provide a giving opportunity to Church World Service.  As always, please do not feel obligated to participate in all of Outreach's many programs but perhaps donate to the ones that touch your heart throughout the year.
Annually, we support Church World Service by collecting funds for blanket distribution. CWS helps families in the United States and around the world recover from disasters and displacement.  With our help, they have been able to move closer to their goal of a world where everyone has enough to eat, a voice that is heard, and a place to call home.
For more information, see the CWS Blankets and Tools Facebook page.  Please look for the special contribution envelopes in the pews on January 28th. Thank you.
Men's Group - January 8th 6:30PM - Hale Hall
This month will feature a special presentation from Jim Cosman who will share pictures of his trip to South Africa and talk about the impact of Apartheid there. Meet at 6:30 to socialize, dinner at 7:00, and Jim at 8:00.
Suggested donation for food and drink is $20 but don't let that hold you back.
Please RSVP so we can get a head count for food. If you want to be removed from this list, please let me know. Neil Connolly   hinghamneil@gmail.com 201.294.8705
Happy New Year, everyone!! Following a busy December of rehearsing and singing in church services, the Jr. Choir will resume on January 7 for a rehearsal after church. We have more music to share with our church family through the winter months. If you would like to START singing in the Jr. Choir, please join us on January 7 after church up on the third floor. We are a very friendly group, and can we sing!!!!=  
GUILD Consignment Center
December brought a steady stream of customers to the Consignment Center.   Mild weather was on our side, and allowed everyone to frequent the shop without dodging snowbanks or icy winds. Sharing stories, hearing of family traditions, and locating just the right treasures filled the time together and reminded us all of the Light that breaks through the darkest days of the year.
We thank the Boards of Christian Education and Outreach for their collaboration with Giving Twice on December 3. While teachers brought lessons about gifting and Outreach members taught the children about the work and mission of Cardinal Cushing Centers, proceeds of $300. from this annual event were sent directly to the local school and employment training program in Hanover.
Following a brief respite during the Holyday weeks, the volunteer staff will gather together again at 10am on Wednesday, January 3 to review, reflect, and plan for 2018. Brief refreshments (after all, it is only the Tenth Day of Christmas!) will assist us as we plan the winter and spring calendar of events, revise schedules, rearrange displays, and rotate inventory.
The Consignment Center will resume regular business hours on  
Thursday, January 4 and continue to accept consignments each Tuesday ad Thursday.  We are well-stocked with warm winter apparel, puzzles, games, and crockpots!
Men's Retreat
All men of the church are invited and encouraged to attend the Men's Retreat, which will take place January 5-6 (Friday dinner through Saturday dinner) at the Cedar Hill Retreat Center, a beautiful seaside house in Duxbury. There will be time for rest in front of the fire, meaningful discussion, exercise outside, good food, prayer, and laughter.
Please email Rev. Pete at revpete4@gmail.com to register. 
Women's Retreat January 19/20
This is a great time or reflection, relaxation and fellowship at Miramar Retreat Center
If you have any questions about the retreat or scholarships,  please talk to Sara, Pete, Kate or email Sara at: sara.marie.holland@gmail.com
Welcoming Team Openings:
HCC's Welcoming Team has a few openings for the coming year and we hope you will join us! It's fun to meet newcomers, introduce them to others and help them feel welcome at HCC. The time commitment is small  - one Sunday every two months, and we meet after a service only once a year. You will choose your Sunday and whether you would rather come 15 minutes early to welcome in the sanctuary or go down to Hale Hall right after the service to welcome at coffee hour. Guidelines and a sunny yellow lanyard for your name tag are included! Contact: Anne Fanton at church, or abfanton@comcast.net or 781-875-1156 
HCC is a Welcoming Church:
Hospitality in a Growing Church:
Why develop hospitality? An attitude of friendliness and warmth toward visitors helps a church to grow. Visitors come to a church to try it out. They have a variety of reasons and a diversity of backgrounds. What happens to them from the time they first arrive to the time they leave will determine how well that church embodies Jesus' commission to reach out and make disciples. The inspiring quality of the sermon and the worship service are crucial. The warmth and friendliness of the congregation, however, account for more than half of the reasons why visitors return. When new members are asked, "Why did you choose to join this church?" the most common replies are, "We tried several churches but this one had the friendliest people," or "On our first visit we felt as if we were part of the church community." All of us at HCC practice hospitality when we reach out to welcome others, wear our nametags, pass the friendship pads along our pews, greet new friends during coffee hours and invite them to participate in all that HCC has to offer. Let's continue to make HCC a warm and friendly place to be!
Adapted from: Hospitality in a Growing Church, UCC, 1985
HCC Welcoming Team
Pine Street Inn

The Pine Street Inn monthly meal is back to being prepared at HCC. On the third Monday of each month, HCC is responsible for providing the evening meal for about 100 women at the Pine Street Inn in Boston (http://www.pinestreetinn.org/).   The meal, consisting of Boston lasagna, tossed salad, fruit, bread, and desserts, is prepared in our renovated church kitchen at 8:00 AM on the third Monday of each month.   The women at Pine Street Inn love the hot meal that we provide!
Everyone can assist in our outreach to Pine Street Inn.
  • Kitchen help is needed at 8:00 AM on third Monday of each month for meal preparation.
  • Driver/servers are needed to take the food from HCC to Pine Street Inn and to serve the meal.
  • Donations of desserts - Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes, etc. -brought to the church on the Sunday prior to the third Monday or on that Monday by 9:00 AM. (Labelled: Pine Street Inn)
January 15 (MLK Day) is the next Pine Street Inn meal for HCC. Please contact us if are available to help with the kitchen or would like more information about driving/serving.
Ruth Whitner ( rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net)
Caroline Gibson ( cgibson.gb@gmail.com)
Marcia Sinclair ( marbensin@gmail.com)
Know your target audience. Who are your most important customers, clients or prospects, and why? Know what is important to them and address their needs in your newsletter each month. Include a photo to make your newsletter even more appealing. Add a "Find out more..." link to additional information on your website.
January  1

Happy New Year!
January   2
  7:00 pm
  7:00 pm
Deacons Meeting
Tuesday Night Bible Study
Church Library
January  4
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together

  7:30 pm
Christian Education Meeting
January  5/6
  6:00 pm
Men's Retreat
January  7
10:00 am
Worship & Communion - Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
Children's Church
Jr. Choir Rehearsal

HS Youth Meeting
January   9
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
Church Library
January 10
  6:30 pm
Confirmation Class

  7:30 pm
Ladies Lounge
January 11
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together
January 14
10:00 am
Worship - Rev. Dr. Peter Allen

Mission Trip Meeting
January 15
  8:00 am
Pine Street Inn

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - food packaging volunteer opportunity
January 16
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
January 17
  6:30 pm
Bereavement Group

  7:30 pm
Executive Council Meeting
January 18
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together

11:30 am
Linden Ponds Group
January 19/20
  5:30 pm
Women's Retreat
January 21
10:00 am
Worship - Rev. Dr. Peter Allen

11:30 am
"An Inconvenient Sequel" showing

HS Service Project
January 22
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
Church Library
January 24
  6:30 pm
Confirmation Class
January 25
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together
January 28
 10:00 am
Worship - Rev. Dr. Peter Allen

HS Youth Game Night
January 29
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
Church Library


More Volunteer Opportunities!
Be a Foster Parent!
The Department of Children and Families is actively recruiting foster parents on the South Shore. We are searching for individuals or families with the love and patience to help poster children aged 0-22 years.
Our goal is to provide our foster children with a supportive and healing environment in a home in their community until they can be reunited with their families or another plan can be made.
If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, you can learn more about the application process and the supports provided by the Department of Children and Families. Please call Kara Hemingway at 508-894-3957 

Shaws Stamps - Bakeware Project
Promise Church of Weymouth UCC is partnering with South Shore Friends of the Homeless to provide pots, pans and bakeware for families who are struggling to get settled into new home after being homeless. If you don't need your stamps, simply put them into an envelope and mail to:
Judith Pratt
Bakeware Project 
204 M Tall Oaks Drive
South Weymouth, MA 02190
Hospice of South Shore
Will be training Hospice Volunteers:
Thursday, Oct 19, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Thursday, Oct 26, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Saturday, Oct 28, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Thursday, Nov 2, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
If you have been looking for a meaningful Volunteer Opportunity,
consider attending. Volunteers provide respite and companionship to hospice families and patients in their homes or in skilled nursing facilities.
The training program will give you the tools necessary  
to be that "good neighbor".
Contact Lora Wooster - Volunteer Coordinator at 781-624-7255
for an application. 

NVNA and Hospice,
has an immediate need for volunteers to assist in the community and at The Pat Roche Hospice Home.  
Please contact: Kelly Tammaro, Volunteer Coordinator 
Thank you

Meals on Wheels Volunteers Needed!
Do you enjoy helping thos in need? You can help seniors in your won community and feel great doing it. At South Shore Elder Services, we want to make sure no one goes without a meal. We need your help to make this happen. Give us a call and find out what volunteering
                      for Meals on Wheels is all about.

What does being a Meals on Wheels volunteer mean? 
  • Valid MA license and a reliable vehicle/CORI check
  • Availability of 1-5 days a week/Monday-Friday/late morning
  • Driving to each consumer's home on your route and delivering a meal to their door
  • Initial train is required, additional enrichment opportunities offered
For more information call Jody at 781-848-3910 ext. 430