Happy Holidays and New Year from ASCE PHX Branch!!
Let's Ring in the New Year with Central Arizona Project

Keith Wood/CAP & Jess Chism/Hartman Walsh Painting will present information about the recently completed project to reline the water supply pipes from the Lake Havasu / Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant January 10, 2018.

Failure of the existing coal tar enamel lining system in the two discharge lines at 
MWP has been documented since the 90's.  The project to reline the pipes began in 2015 and the right pipe was relined in 2016 and the left in 2017.  The work occurred 24/7 during the three month summer outages each year. The pipes extend from the pumping plant 2,500-lf to the entrance of Buckskin Mountain Tunnel, 860 feet vertically, with access through three 3-foot manholes.   

N ominations for Branch Awards due Jan 6!!
Nominations are requested for the ASCE Phoenix Branch Government Civil Engineer of the Year and ASCE Phoenix Branch Project (Large and Small) Project of the Year Awards.  Nominations are due by 11 pm on January 6, 2018.  Please direct any questions to Phoenix Branch Vice-President Larry Hanson at lhanson2@msn.com or cell 480-231-4023.
SAVE THE DATE: February 14, 2018 Luncheon
Speaker: Ms. Kris Provenzano, Grand Canyon Program Manager for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Rehabilitation, United States National Park Service. 

The Grand Canyon National Park's water system supplies drinking and utility water to over 6 million visitors and 2,500 permanent residents at the park.  The single largest component of the water system is the water delivery pipeline from the Roaring Springs pump house to the Indian Garden pump house.  This approximate 12.5-mile pipeline has been experiencing splits and breaks.  The presentation will be an overview of the existing trans-canyon waterline, the preferred upgrade alternative, and the challenges of managing visitation and construction.

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Rob Lyons, P.E., CFM, M.ASCE
JE Fuller, ASCE Phoenix Branch President