Nikola News

Issue 65
Jan 2018

Many thanks to this month's model Liz Smith


Bryn Walker just arrived in store.  Linen Tunic and Oliver Pant.



Bryn Walker.  Both pieces available in Navy and light blue. Shawl new arrival from Local Artist Pat Tarr.  




Bryn Walker's Iconic Nadia Tunic with Oliver Pant.  Both in Linen.  
 Jewellery is Soma Mo.



Soma Mo Jewellery.  Shawl new to Nikola Local Artist Elmira.

Bryn Walker Linen Vest and Oliver Pant.  Shawl By Gemstones.  Local Artist.


Bryn Walker Jacket, Tunic and Flood Pant.  Also available in Navy, Light Blue and Mustard.



New Design for Bryn Walker. This dress also in Light Grey, Navy, and Cream.  Jewellery Soma Mo Dragon Necklace. 


New Arrival of Shawls and Scarves now in store.   


Grizas Linen Dress.


Bryn Walker Linen 


New Italian Line.  Dress also available in Green.  
 Jacket also available in Navy and Black.



Nikola is once again this year gifting you for your Birthday.  Just come into the store the month of your Birthday and receive 50% off any one item in the store.  Happy Birthday:)

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